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Only just found this one & thought I'd share, there used to be an app which did the same and worked by a bookmarklet. Just sharing to any one who may wish to try it

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I do believe I saw this in this community but, I can't find it. Has anyone ever used this software? If so, can you share your pros and cons. 

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Scrapbox - A new style of team wiki

Create new pages, links, and tags in realtime with your team. Focus work with auto-sorting and recent updates. For private collaboration or public wiki use.

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I normally use Trello for my game development projects, but this tool is better for game projects. I dunno if there are any game developers in this group, but just in case I felt like sharing this tool because it is really, really good

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Sorry to open wounds but I think this is around the time 3 years ago I found through insiders that Springpad was shutting down 'in June'.
To this day the Springpad shutdown caused a notes/content curation app void in this arena unmatched by far than any other similar shutdown since.
I state that as a testament to the uniqueness and brilliance of that app...and....because the developers were well aware of that, so it's also a criticism of their lack of proactively managing their monetization issues early on and developing solutions for it's users.
I for sure was ready to pay more than I was paying for Evernote if need be.
This contributes nothing to the present focus of the community I know and, moving forward!
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My Band App screen recording illustrating it's superb Note creating options (a priority for what I do).
It's not a Note app per se so no formatting. 

Thanks so much to this community and helping me keep up with all these tools. It's nice to find like minded people out there. I feel like it's been a bloodbath these past few years with some many bookmarking sites shutting down. It's hard to feel safe to pick one one and then a year later they sell to google or just flat out disappear. Nature of the beast I suppose. 

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Milanote has just gone public, here is my latest review.

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Hey All
This went live today 
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