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How I feel about you guys.

You guys have gotta be more active!

I have no pictures of furres...


Am I the last one stranded?


I'm bored... Rp?

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Name: snake
Gender: female
Orientation: bi
Age: 19
Likes: anything to do with water, reading, Wings Of Fire, flying, fighting/war, and power.
Dislikes: non-dragons, non-furrys, guys, and bright places
Personality: fun loving, kind, social, and caring
Why she is on the island: she was swimming to reach London, UK when she realised she was completely lost. Angry foxes found her and took her to the island and left her tied up on the forest floor.
From: The UK

(Not my art)

Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personality: Quiet. Can be dedicated to some things.
Why is she on the island?: The Titanic
(heh, no) Sarah ended up on the island when her family was flying in an airplane, which (obviously) crashed into the ocean. Sarah was the only one to survive, and she eventually floated to the island on a torn up back of a seat.
From: U.S.

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I'm this furry!

Not my art though!

is sitting by a huge redwood playing with a lizard

(Open RP)

ANY spam posted will get that person banned! Unless +Moonlight fox tells me otherwise! But please have fun with Roll play and requests! I'd love to rp with anyone!
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