Today, I’ll introudce the korea’s mysterious criminal events.
All of these events are statute-barred, also you might know these events.
First, The Hwaseong serial killings.
It started 1986 Nomenber 15th to 1991 April 3rd , with 10 murder cases.
Also it is the the first serial killings in Korea.
All of victioms are female, and they have common features which are these: private patrs got damaged, semen and hair were found in the spot of accident, and most victions were strangled.
At that time, Scientific Investigation was not developed, so they don’t have the way to check semen or hair which was in the spot of accident.
Also, the suspect used the cruel murder methods such as put the peach slice in victioms’ private part or cut out that parts.
The police gusses that this criminal is serial killings because humid means are same.
Even though 1.8million policeofficers were mobilized and about 3000 suspects were investigated, this case ended in 2006, because of statute-barred.
This events flashed back in 2003 by the movie ‘살인의 추억’ and 2016 drama ‘시그널.’
Second, the missing of 개구리소년.
1991 March 26th, five students of 대구 성서elementary school wene to 와룡산 to pick up the salamander egg and they missed.
Half a million were mobilized to find boys and the whole nation took part in finding the boys.
But, after 11years, in 2002 Nomember 26th, the children were found in bones by the citizen at middle of 와룡산, and results of autopsy, they seem to hit their heads.
It reminded by the movie ‘아이들’ in 2011.
Finally, kidnapping case of 이형호.
1991 January 29th. 이형호 was missed when he was playing in 서울 압구정 현대apartment.
And his parents got a call from the criminal.
The suspect had a call about 43~44days with 형호‘s parents through 50times of call and 10 times of notes,
The culprit showed intelligent and cunning, through using car phone(the cordless phone which is installed in car) and he never over the phone tracking.
After the missing, he was found in nighboring drain with his hands were tied and his mouth and nose were covered by tape. He was choked to death.
The most shocking is 이형호 was killed by the day when he wss missed.
This event was recalled by the movie ‘그놈 목소리’ in 2007.

Today I want to talk about the sweets of Korea that are popular from foreigners.
Some technologies are developed and foreigners have a chance to get the sweets of Korea,
As a result, many korean sweets have been known to other countries.
Above all, i introduces five popular snack having known.

1.Saewookkang (Shrimp Crackers)

In korea has two brands of shrimp cracker tasty salty and shrimp.
it is famous among korean people.
It has created a very simple ingredients such as flour and oil, starch, shrimp, and basic condiments flavor, despite the appearance reminiscent of french fries ,actually it arouses the curiosity of foreigners because of its shrimp flavor.
Shrimp snack sold well in the Asian market.

2.Ssallo ppeong(Fried rice cracker)

It has made from fried rice without oil and sugar,
In between foreigners also referred to as a "lovely roll. It is convenient to eat outside because it took out a small volume.
This also addictive that because it has a sweet taste.

3.Kkotkkerang(Crab snack)

Style is very similar with shrimp snack, but its form is shaped like a crab likewise its name.
it has spicy and sweet taste, it can also be fun to feel in shape.
Not only just popular in children, but also popular in 20~30 age group.

4.Yakgwa(Traditional korean cookie)

A snack often seen in table for a memorial ceremony or Feast of Korea.
In fact, nowadays there are a lot of small size yakgwa as much as traditional yakgwa.
To foreigners this is sort of like a traditional cake in Korea. Because of the flat, round shape, it feels like a small cake.
this is made of honey and sesame oil, flour in basic and it has a sweet and chewy texture, it is similar to the American donut.

5. Kanchyo(chocolate cookie)

Sweets which were popular enough to sing along ad, It has entered into a chocolate pastry baked in the shape of spheral, foreigners also say "lovely little ball of milk chocolate is full.
Blend of sweet and crunchy chocolate cookie fascinate the taste, and perfect for eating as a snack with a small size.

I'm going to tell you about Kimchi, the Korean food. Kimchi is the vegetable-fermented food representing the most of Korean food. You can make it with salted vegetables mixed with jeotgal(Korean food, salted see food) and seasoning and after that, you have to ferment it at a low temperature.

Our ancestors had reflected many ways of storing moist vegetables for a long time and finally they had developed a way of salting vegetables with a variety of seasoning. So that's how kimchi had born.

There are really many kinds of kimchi but the commonplace of all is kimchi made of cabbages. But also kimchi is made of variety of vegestables; white radish, cucumber, spring onion, young radish and so on. And kimchi is a little different according to every location of Korea. For instance, its taste and requiring ingredient is a little different between certain regions. If region A is colder than region B, region A's kimchi is less saltier than region B's. And putting jeotgal(Korean food, salted see food) in kimchi depends on certain regions too.

I can tell you undoubtedly that kimchi is on the table of the every meal of every Korean family today, so that means kimchi cannot be taken out from the meals of Korean people. And there are many foreign people loving kimchi all around the world and kimchi is developed in some new way for many people worldwide.(e.x western style of kimchi) If you begin to be immersed in the wonderful taste of kimchi, you won't be able to get out of it! So if you visit Korea or if there are some Korean markets around your house or city, try kimchi please! It will not be fit perfectly on your mouth at first, but you will love it gradually every time you have it. :-)

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Hi! Everyone~ Today I'm going to talk about Korean music culture.
First of all, Korean use music in their store. They use K-pop music or Pop-song for their store's excitement. Those musics are matched with the atmosphere of their stores. Koreans think the music from store is usual thing.
Second, these days, Koreans love to listen to drama o.s.t or movie o.s.t. When Korean listen to those songs, they can come up with the situation of drama or movie. So they are easily addicted to the song.
Third, Koreans love Pop-songs. K-pop is so popular. And it is also good music. But Korean also likes pop-songs. Several Korean think pop-songs are more luxury than k-pop.
Students use pop-songs for their English study,and use K-pop to study literature from the point of literal view.
Finally, Korean usually like songs. So TV programs that associated with music are increased. The music competiton, duet with singer, music quiz...ect

Now, Korean music, K-POP is popular all over the world, and loved by thousands of people. Much as we call ourselves ‘people of mirth’, our love of music and dance is deeper than any other country. Then, when is the start of korean ‘mirth?’

Actually, answering this question is very hard. Music and dancing have come up naturally among people, and dancing and singing the song made them forget about tough and boring lifestyle. That is the significant start of music and dancing, which was seen from our history’s beginning, agricultural society.

The most oldest music that we can have today is the Su dong-yo, which is nursery rhyme, the children’s song. This song is some kind of proposing song that King Mu of Bak-jae(one of the past countries) wanted to get married with princess Sun-hwa of Silla(one of the past countries) so he released. This song was first released to children by the king, so this is sort of nursery rhyme, the children’s song, and in turn he got married with her.

The most famous, popular, and steady loved by korean song is Arrirang. Arrirang is the song that had transmitted by mouth to mouth and have recreated, whose genre is folk song. This song is about sad and hatred from the left lover. And the hook such as arrirang arrirang arrariyo, or arriarri-rang sreesrees-rang arrariganatne is repeated. The experts of korean music stated that there are more than 60 kinds of arrirang, and arrirang has a lot of color which is different from the religion to religion. Among all of arrirang, the most famous arriang is Jungsun Arrirang. (Jungsun is the part of Gangwun-do) This song is so much famous that every korean can sing and someone who heard this once can sing along too. Jungsun Arrirang’s hook is ‘arrirang arrirang arrariyo.’ If you hear this just once, you can never forget this ever.

If you plan to visit Korea, I recommand you to watich along Gyeng-bok palace and Jongmyo shrine. At this places, there are performances of playing ‘Gung-jung Jeryeak,’ royal ancestral and music at palace. about 2 times on a day except Monday. Gung-jung Jeryeak is the music played when the king and royal family enjoyed feast or wanted to have some pleasure of music. This music was the most developed in Chosun dynasty but there was the problem that there was no music note for the unique play. So the King Sejong made ‘jung gan bo’, the music note fit in Chosun’s musical situation and instruments. From that time, the whole music we know today was recorded to this ‘jung gan bo.’

There is a part of Korean Music that we can’t miss out. K-POP. I think almost everyone who read this writing heard k-pop more than once. K-POP is korean public music, in short. As I said above, Korean people is the people of mirth. Which means, every music with pleasure is loved by everyone, and if it is easy to sing along, better loved. So, there is a special features in K-pop. First, there is a hook with an easy to sing along. This feature is so special that people sometimes say that the most famous example of hook song is K-pop. Second, the dancing is gorgeous to watch and there is some part of dancing along.

Korean K-POP is reaching its hand to the world even this moment. A number of singers perform their works to the world, and this performances are populr and often sold out. Korean Music mirror the Korean Culture literally. If you want to feel Korea but have little time and can’t visit Korea, click the Youtube, which means you can feel Korea indirectly. And if you visit Korea, you can feel Korea and K-POP from all of your body.

Korea has clear four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, winter.
For that reason, each season has its own features.
Today, I’ll tell you about Korea’s SUMMER.
First of all, you can see amazing sights in Korea’s summer.
Koreans go to the stores which sell hot chicken soup with rice or samgyetang in hot summer days.
That’s because Korean think ‘The heat is heat as over.’ called Like cures like.
Second, you should include ‘Summer Break’ in Korea’s Summer.
In summer break, it has traffic jam to visit beach or valley.
People wait break, like everyone does.
Ant they enjoy their Break very pleasantly.
Finally, you can see the women who are on a diet.
When Summer comes, every woman in Korea do on a diet to wear bikini on Summer Break.
I think almost every country’s women are do on a diet, but Korea is quiet harsh.
It may they make their love in Summer beach.
So they do exercise every day and eat only vegetables to make celebrity’s body figure.
Like this, Korea’s summer has lots of characteristic.
The summer is almost gone, an you enjoy your summer?
Next year, please enjoy Korea’s summer!

very hot summer, Is there any way you use to avoid the hot summer?
maybe usually operate air conditioner or wear a simple clothes.
korea's summer is so hot. In joseon ancestors would have used certain things to avoid the heat?, when they didn't have air conditioner.

1.dengdenggeori, dengtoshi (a rattan shirt and arm warmers worn in summer to keep sweat from clothes.)
finely processed rattan vines like clothes this dose not touch the skin and make wind vented well into clothes. Including Toshi is made in the same manner fitting the arm.

A thing that causes the wind to shake the hand, in Korea BC 3,4 century began to use this in joseon era been exported to China or Japan, in the day of Dano that consider the heat is starting, custom that giving and taking fan as a present keep going from the middle of koryeo to the last of joseon. traditional fan is divided four kinds , 'useon' made of feather , 'danseon' has handle and round shape, 'jeobseon' can fold and unfold, 'byeolseon' has different shape and usage

3.'jukbuin'(a dutch wife)
Korean summer night is muggy because high temperatures as well as humidity in the air.
Bamboo wife is bedding made of woven bamboo stalks and very easy to embrace and straddle
Sleep with blankets made from hemp and bamboo wife, you feel the cool breeze seeping through the cold space of bamboo and bamboo wife can take a good night's sleep due to this can prevent sweat or feel sticky. The size is similar to a person. elders (man) only can use this and this was a precious thing as an adult dies, burning it together.

4.hemp, ramie fabric
Hemp cloth is vegetable fibers suitable for the summer clothes because it is loose and winds are passing well.
In particular, the country's climate and soil, rainfall, etc. are fit to growth conditions of the hemp so a lot of people are using the cloth .
Unlike hemp cloth , ramie fabric are light and cool. this is precious cloth because it is so difficult to grow that can grow in some areas.
It is known to be excellent in that Hansan ramie

Ancestors used a variety of summer things. then how about you use this things?

Korea's music has two kinds, one is traditional Korea's music which was introduced from China and the countries bordering on Western China and the other was diffused by American missionaries after the Gabo Reform of 1894.
The first one is called 'Gukak', the second one is called 'Western music.'
Today, I'll introduce 'Gukak' and a person who contributed development of 'Gukak.'
Gukak is categorized in a double kinds.
First, 'Classical music.'
It includes 'ceremonial music,' 'Dangak,' and 'Korean music.'
Ceremonial Music is the music which is before the Chinese Zhou Dynasty, Dangak is the music when Chinese Dang, Song Dynasty, and Korean Music is the music which was handed down from ancient Korea and that is traditional Korea music.
Classical music was played at court or the yangban class.
Second, 'Folk music.'
It is traditional Korea's privat music grew with the general public and it contains Sijo, Gasa, Pansori, folk song, vulgar songs, Sinawi, Sanjo, Nongak, warrior song, Beompae and so on.
Folk Music is rooted deeply in the people and it includes peoples' sorrow.
Ant Folk Music is the music which proofed creativity and superiority among the East three countries which imply Korea, Chines, and Japan.
Finally, I'll show the person who contributed in development of Gukak.
The person is King Sejong who created Jungganbo(Korea's initial music) to notate Korean music and he made many songs himself and these songs still played in nowadays as the song of royal ancestral rites music.
After Sejong, the descendant kings preserve Korea's songs well so it can announce in future.
I'll hope these Korea's traditional music can perform in everywhere.

Today , I'll introduce the shamanistic music of Korea 'Sinawe'
'Sinawe' is instrumental music that form is not determined, In other word, Also referred to as a ‘Sin Band Gok(神房曲·心房曲)'.

'Sinawe' is borderd by Han river, especially developed in Han river's south region.
Shamanism system , 'Sinawe' was made from type of difference between south and north region's shaman.
All of all difference, South region's shamans were hereditary from generation to generation and they were early learned about sing and dance, so in today, it became musicalize.
Mainly it divided into the southern Gyeonggi, Chungcheong province, Jeolla province.

'Sinawe' is divided originally used in ritual, the original form of Sinawe and in mordern, performing on stage playing that localized form Sinawe.
Originally, wind instrument was a center but percussion instruments were added gradually. Instrument's basic formation is Daegeum, flute, gayageum, harp, ban, Agen, Jing. Although a variety of instruments playing together in harmony, it also often played as soloist.
Normally janggu led out beat Like Sanjo, if formation is various, Jing was added.
Adding Jing is escalating shamanism atmosphere.
When 'Sinawe' is played, flute is holded differently by 'Sinawe cheug'(Blocking instrument's six hole) and also music tone is down or up.
In 'Sinawe' a piece of music is not exist ,shaman improvised adjust the sound in field.
Ensemble playing order goes to ensemble-Geomungo-ensemble-Daegeum-ensemble- Agen.
In this time to increase exciting, 'Salpurichum' is added.
'Salpurichum' is to remove the year of bad luck, shaman's improvised dance in ceremony for exorcism or good fortune.
In 'Sinawe', Salpuri, Jajinsalpuri or Dosalpuri, Mori, Balbudrae is ruled as beat, however Jinyang, Jungmori, Jungjungmori, eotmori is plaied as a beat.
Generally, beat is startd Gutgeori and went accelerated to Jajinmori and finish Gutgeori again.

In today, 'Sinawe' is continued and various modifications are also playing with different music.
I hope 'Sinawe' will playing with changed various forms and continuing in future.

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Hi. Today, I'm going to talk about Korean delicious food. Korean famous food is kimchi. Our ancestor cooked with it. Among the food cooked with kimchi, I'll introduce about kimchi soup. (김치찌개)
First, the history of kimchi soup.
Kimchi soup appeared when kimchi first appeared.
Do you know the fact that kimchi matures? When it matures, its taste went strange. (A little sour)
Our ancestor knew the fact. So they looked for the way to use sour kimchi. And they wanted to increase the amount of kimchi. Finally, they found when they put kimchi in the boiling water, kimchi's volume went bigger, then they felt the amount of it increased.
At first, it appeared on the table of king. It was called '김치조치'.
Second ,the ingredients of kimchi soup.
The ingredients of it are so simple. Generally, Korean has powdered red pepper,kimchi,vegetable in their house. So they can cook it easily.(They don't have to go to the supermarket to buy many ingredients). And people's taste is different. So they put different ingredients in kimchi soup.
Almost people put pork,tuna,sausage or marine products. Of course garlic,onion,sugar and salt. Also our ancestor put 된장 that abolishes the bad smell of meat and fishes.
Finally, the nutrition of kimchi soup.
All you guys know kimchi's nutrition is so wonderful. It has vitamin A and C. Also has chemotherapy effect, decrease cholesterol figure, prevent colon cancer. So kimchi soup's nutrition is good too. But if you boil kimchi with water, lactobacillus in kimchi will be destructed, so original kimchi is better than kimchi soup.
But its taste is so good and other ingredients' in kimchi soup nutrition are so helpful too. Try it😘
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