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HOILO and welcome I am gonna try to bring this back to life so we can have some fun in this. Post anything and you will not be judged!!! Don't be afraid. 

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13 more!!!
If only if I could get 13 more subscribers then I would have 100 woohoo


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If I were to make a new Steven universe community with active mods would you join? 
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No, cause...(comment the rest)
Yes, but...(comment the rest)

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If I promised you a request please comment down below and I might as well say it in thus post... I UP FOR MORE REQUEST OR ART TRADES!!!!
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Nominated By: +tomandfriends

Imagine you and all of your Google+ friends are in the same class. This is how your class will look...
By the way, if you are tagged, you are nominated.

A: Is always absent. +AJ James
B: Is constantly being bullied. +The Basic Disappointment
C: Is the teacher's pet. +cutie panda pie
D: Wants more homework. +Dark Rabbit
E: Is always sleeping. +Emily Gregor
F: Hates you. +FlufferzNCookie Artz
G: Is the best student in class. +gam3r 01234
H: Thinks you are stupid. +Hunter
I: Is a secret otaku. +Andrew In Dylan's Space
J: Knows everyone's secrets. +Jendra TheRabbit
K: Wants to scream like a lunatic. +Kexuis
L: Is thinking of bombing his/her school +LittleVoices
M: Is worried about his/her grades. +Martin Metzger
N: Hates school. +NecaCat
O: Is writing on his/her desk. +Hazzard Of Duke
P: Wants to kick everyone where it hurts. +Pancakelord 2020
Q: Is the transfer student. +QuestionedTurkey
R: Is watching everyone like a creepy stalker. +Raebae
S: Wants to murder you. +Starreaker.9 Gamer and singer
T: Is eating lunch during class. +tomandfriends
U: Has a secret crush on you. +U Moove
V: Is eating paper because he/she is hungry. +VenumWolf
W: Is making a nuclear weapon. +Wolfie is bae
X: Is flying paper air planes. +x Lil Miss Megan Yonge x
Y: Is emotionally dead. +the train you all knew well
Z: Wants to kill his/her gym teacher. +Zilly Girl

Nominate Five People:

Clean Copy In The Comments Below 👇

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Since I got over 80 sub's I will be taking in request!!! If you had any other ideas that I could do then please comment down below and give me some suggestions. Please I really wanna make this special!!!

YouTube ;

DeviantArt ;

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These are cool!
The normal Google+ profile picture and my variations.

Different expressions: happy, sad, etc.
Different colors: red, yellow, green, etc.
Different shadows: long shadow and vertical score.
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It's mine now
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Hello this is probably not active but I am going to try and change the title to a really good one, do you have any suggestions?
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