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Please check out our many various episodes at . We thank you all for listening!

Im Starting A Podcast On Youtube And I Wanna Know If Someone Wants To be A Guest

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Always looking for interesting people to guest on my podcast. Looking for people in the movie and TV industry to discuss Production Assistant (PA) stories. Our main focus is on geek centered things like Star Wars, Strar Trek, sci-fi, and action and adventure TV and movies. Follow us on Twitter also. Get your geek on.

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Looking for new voices

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to add new voices to our team on, a podcast network dedicated to the discussion of Star Trek and the ideas it explores. We’re a family of 24 shows (and growing) and have been publishing since 2010. Currently nearly 40 people work on the network on and off mic, and we have a vibrant listener community with which we interact daily.

If you’re interested in being part of our crew, please let me know here or drop me a note at We're especially looking for diverse viewpoints, female perspectives on Star Trek, international viewpoints, etc … in other words, embracing IDIC.

You can learn more about our programming at or You can also find us in Google Play Music and pretty much everywhere else, but iTunes is best as we are a featured provider and have an artist page there that puts the full scope of the network at your fingertips.



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Hi everyone,

So I have a #Podcast that compares a film remake with its original source material. The original could be another movie, comic book, TV series, Bollywood movie, or anything else.

I am always looking for guests & fellow cinephiles to come on and have a casual conversation comparing the two works. If you're interested, let me know!

Follow the link for an archive of the shows thus far.

Hello everyone my name is Michael Cooper aka Coop. I am the host of The Big Scoop with Coop. On my show I interview people from all walks of life and they speak about how they started in their career, their success, gives advice on how to get started in their career and more! If you would like to be a guest let me know. You can check out my episodes from season 1 up to now at

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Hi, all. Any TV critics out there? We'd love to have anyone with criticism and podcast experience join us for an episode of TV Eye.

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Hey guys, we are a comedy chat podcast and big Lord of the Ring fans. To celebrate the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, we want to do a fantasy themed podcast for one of our December episodes. So we are looking for guests with a sense of humour and who are interested to appear on our podcast to chat about the movie, LOTR, Tolkien or just fantasy in general  if you are keen, do drop us an email:

We usually record over Skype during weekends and each recording (including tech and content run-through) takes about 1.5 hour.

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Star Trek Fans

I'm looking for fans of Star Trek: Enterprise to guest on my show Warp Five, which covers the minutiae of the series. This is a weekly show that drops every Friday and is part of my larger network.

Show sessions are via GoToMeeting.

Audio is recorded locally by each host/guest and uploaded to our Basecamp system.

Day is flexible depending on guest availability, but is always evening/night US time—typically after 6:00 p.m. Pacific. (I am based in Tokyo.)

One hour

Any detail about Enterprise. Characters, technology, plot points, themes. We do not do episode reviews.

You can find past episodes of Warp Five here:

You can find our entire network on our Artist Page:
(Or look us up in your favorite podcast source.)
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