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Please check out our many various episodes at . We thank you all for listening!

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Podcast Awards Reminder - We are 12 days away from the opening of Podcast Awards Nominations.

For those that are not aware the Podcast Awards website was rebuilt with a completely new set of rules and voting procedures that have leveled the playing field. Nominations open on July 1st so consider putting your show up for a Podcast Awards.

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Hi, I'm host of Serious About Tech! the podcast where we get down-and-dirty with technology in news, reviews, and discussion.
I would like some guests for my next few episodes. This podcast is a roundtable sort of podcast where we discuss lots of technology stuff.
Get in touch with using the website or on twitter or

Im Starting A Podcast On Youtube And I Wanna Know If Someone Wants To be A Guest

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Always looking for interesting people to guest on my podcast. Looking for people in the movie and TV industry to discuss Production Assistant (PA) stories. Our main focus is on geek centered things like Star Wars, Strar Trek, sci-fi, and action and adventure TV and movies. Follow us on Twitter also. Get your geek on.

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Looking for new voices

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to add new voices to our team on, a podcast network dedicated to the discussion of Star Trek and the ideas it explores. We’re a family of 24 shows (and growing) and have been publishing since 2010. Currently nearly 40 people work on the network on and off mic, and we have a vibrant listener community with which we interact daily.

If you’re interested in being part of our crew, please let me know here or drop me a note at We're especially looking for diverse viewpoints, female perspectives on Star Trek, international viewpoints, etc … in other words, embracing IDIC.

You can learn more about our programming at or You can also find us in Google Play Music and pretty much everywhere else, but iTunes is best as we are a featured provider and have an artist page there that puts the full scope of the network at your fingertips.



Just got my website and podcast started up.
We plan to discuss and debate a wide range of topics philosophical/political/social/current events/personal and are looking for people to get on the show.
You can find us at the link below and email me through the "Contact" page on the website if interested.
we plan to go through skype so please submit your name, skype number, topic and opinion.
Thanks for reading this and considering being on the show, hope to talk to you soon!

p.s. I am a voluntaryists/anarchists- so im sure we can find plenty to discuss just on the political side.

Planning to do a podcast on the big 3 of anime Naruto, One Piece and Bleach and are they still the big 3 or is there a new big 3. If anyone is interested you are welcomed on the show

Anyone interested in co-hosting a Ted Cruz support podcast for only the duration of the election. I'm not affiliated in any way with Ted Cruz, but it would be a fun little simple podcast just to help help spread the word about Ted Cruz.

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Hello all,
We're launching a MR. ROBOT centric podcast and we're looking for guests to discuss the show.

Each episode would be an in-depth look at each episode of the show's first season. Then when season 2 debuts on USA network, which will be sometime this June, we'll do the same for the new season weekly.

Our show will be a lot like Kumail Nanjiani's "X-Files Files" podcast ( And while we're podcasting season one of MR. ROBOT, which already aired and is available on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes, we won't reveal plot spoilers for future episodes, just in case listeners haven't caught up yet.

I am launching this podcast as the second podcast from My co-host Nate and I have done more than 30 episodes of the TV Eye podcast (which you can get a feel for here:( ) and we think MR. ROBOT is the perfect show to launch a more focused TV podcast around.

Because of his schedule, Nate will only be able to co-host about 4 or 5 episodes this year, and we plan to produce at least 20+ episodes. If you'd like to be a guest, you will act as co-host with me for that episode of the podcast, and we will discuss a specific episode of MR. ROBOT, including episode plotlines, themes, character arcs, etc.

I suppose you could call it a fan podcast, but we'd like to think of it more as a fun critical podcast, since we'll be diving deep into the show's themes of isolation, web culture, economic disparity, corporate politics and more.

We plan to begin recording in mid March. Thanks for reading, and please respond here or send an email if interested. Thanks!
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