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A small Gallery of Events attended by the Mesh Marvel Troupe :)
Sunday in the Virtual Highway always has a wide selection of events to attend for those of the entertainment persuasion. But if your thing is shopping, Virtual Highway is expanding and setting new precedents in the security of a safe closed grid. Check out these Superheros in Action at the Poink Tournament and at a few of the musical adventures in the grid. You are looking at all 100 percent rigged mesh, and found Only in Virtual Highway- Leading the Way down the MetaVerse Highway !!! Find us Here
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It is now an obvious period of opensim expansion that

needs to be clarified as to the components of either

manifest. Being someone who has been with the SL

environment since 2005 and working with opensim code

since 2014, I will now explain the difference from the

perspective of both the artist,..and as a technical

First out of necessity, there is need to measure the

capacity of several of the commonplace features which are

in each of the versions of opensim.
ARTISTS-Private grid Secure vs Hypergrid Not secure
Travellers - Private grid Secure vs Hypergrid Not secure
If you are an artist, your work is safest in private

Hypergrid notwithstanding its praise from a small

community,continues to be a nonsecure method of moving

through the metaverse. Albeit our only way currently , it

is what it is, insecure. When I say insecure what I mean

is that I , or anyone esle, can easily exploit the

permissions system and copy anyones creative works. Now I

have heard many people say that the hypergrid is a good

thing, and to those who do not create, it may well be so.

But let us never forget that the entire metaverse is the

gift of creators, and without those creators, there is no

growth or artistic maturity. Sure, you have tons of

freebies,..and you have tons of free creations from

enthusiastic creators, but so does Google Sketchup , and

the quality is a reflection of that. Until the HG is

secure,The hypergrid will Only serve to Discourage true

serious artists from sharing their work. People who are

Artists for a career do Not want to compromise the

integrity of their lifeswork just because some part time

blogger keeps insisting its a cool place to hang your

virtual hat. Real artists understand And respect ,

appreciate and share that respect for COPYRIGHT, something

that always gets avoided in the heated discussions of HG

stability. The real truth is that HG is Not going to be

fixed anytime soon on its only source of income, a 5k govt

grant, it just dont work that way. In that respect the

only serious place where an artist can safely exibit and

develop their work is On A Closed Grid. Go ahead ask any

serious , professional artist that question with all the

details included, Im sure youll see an overwhelming

majority of them wanting to protect their interests.
Yet we get bloggers mumbling incoherently about HG being

the defacto ipso lorem,.. which is actually contrary to

proper beta protocals if youre a pro, so that explains

alot there.
There seems to be an indication of self serving interests

of personal gain in someone who would actively promote a

system that is a threat to the integrity of artists

copyrights and protections. It is the artists who make the

metaverse what it is, and until the HG is fixed, it is

what Osgrid will Lack. Until the HG is actually secure for

artists, commercial aspects are a dream and a laugh at

best. The whole group of those Hypergridders who endorse

amd promote an unstable creative environment, remind me of

tactics used by bar and club owners who ask bands and

performers to play for free or pay to play.
Until youve commited a decade of your life to creation in

the real world, I dont think you have anything to say

when it comes to the Hypergrids secure potentials for the

artistic community, and I speak for the majority of us.
Many sl folks who create nowadays are stay at homes,

indicative of compromised behaviours and possible even

disability. Yet here we get miss blahblah exhorting the

virtues of a grid where their work will likely be copied

and shared everywhere like everything else on HG is.

Osgrid is built on freebies with the opccasional great

creation, live with that concept , because it isnt getting

better anytime soon. Thats why SL is still alive, because

real creators Know a Secure grid is the place to keep your

wares Safe. Only a fool would leave their store at night

with the doors unlocked. And with all the shout about

going on about Hypergrid , it scares true artists from

setting up on the HG. If you think that artists dont know

the HG is insecure, then your problem is youre only as

smart as you think they are...When lifeswork and time is

invested into SL, you can bet your bottom dollar that the

real artists double check Every potential when exposing

our creations to the virtual community.
What is needed is a rational look at why these same

persons keep expounding the safety of the HG when in fact

the opposite is true. Responsible articling is a

necessity of any journalistic endeavour, from a blog to a

youtube channel, it is the responsibility of the POSTER to

validate all claims Before posting Fake News.
For years the same olds have Posted HG is safe, which is

of course, Fake News, so I encourage you all to do this...

Google it, ask in the forums , dont take my word for it by

any means at all. WIth 5 minutes of research , you too

will know the truth.
It perhaps isnt in the personal interests of those

blurting out half truths about HG security to tell you

this in their forums or on their blogs, BUT,..they will

tell you in the OSgrid forums...or the opensim tech chat.
So yeh, if youre not a creator, go for it, enjoy HG and

all it offers,but know your only getting a pittance of

what the real Metaverse is all about. The Real Metaverse

occupants are relaxed in a closed safe grid,mostly SL, waiting for HG to get fixed so we can begin to show the true potential of the Metaverse that built Secondlife, not just freebie heaven .
In closing I quote two of the major supporters of the broken HG and quite possible their own personal motivations to such frequent endorsements of the HG....

"it's just a matter of if I want to bother helping a grid",.....

and secondly,.. "It's the most marketing bang for the buck a grid can get"....

Am I seeing vested interests here ?
After years of selfless postings, volunteered opinions,brave critiques, facing scrutiny from unhappy owners and more, one finds it very difficult to dismiss this as a volunteer effort, but rather it is easily perceived as it looks,a blatant pursuit of a personal business nature, thinly vieled under the auspices of volunteer work. Until such things are done away with in the media sources channeling Opensim news, such flightful fancies and whimsys of the editors will only serve to cast a shadow of distrust upon the HG. I venture to suggest that some will even perceive that if its major proponents are endorsing with a prefabricated fasle agenda, then to that effect, the whole schism must be fallible.
Any online community has a dire need of responsible accurate reporting on all aspects of the environment, without the self serving articles comprised of preferred customers or individualized topics. This is sorely missing in the Metaverse and has been for at least three years, and I dont see a rush of masses stepping up to the plate anytime soon. SO until we see a large coalesced group of volunteers making sound and unbiased articles on the G + groups a predomminant trait , one must take what is posted with a grain of salt and the realisation, that in the infancy stages of all , there is distinctive ring of truth, and there is a hollow ring of truth, and they are Not The Same.


Pulled up a Middle Earth region from Ferds awesome Dreamworld software package, and now have some room for experimenting in the playground I aptly named The Shire. Ferd makes it alot more than easy for people to get a first glimpse at setting up their own regions, and hes filled it with copyleft items that would make some commercial grids envious. Kudos to Ferd for givin us all a great new toy in the grand scheme of things.... and I look forward to hopefully meeting new and used friends at my new crash pad ,litter box, hypergrid closet , hopefully located here

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3 Minion's of a tiny nature were recently caught time travelling as they invaded Vinnie Van Goghs pad in the Virtual Highway...perhaps they were looking for his ear??

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We had a special guest visit us in The Shire this week... Yoda was much impressed by the size of things in the Shire and said he felt right at home. Im happy to announce that Yoda and MANY other Tinys are beginning to appear on the Virtual Highway Grid, drop in and see for yourself :)

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Shhh be vewy quiet,..Im hunting Wabbits

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Heres Minas Morgul,.... As the Shadow Grows....

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These are a few of my fave perspectives to date.... Once I learn more on controlling the advanced sky features I can detail the imagery more,:). Vedui
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Im glad to be back in the saddle and able to offer you these preview glimpses of Middle Earth. Work has been coming along very well after a small respite due to health. Im looking forward to seeing you inworld on the Virtual Highway soon. Vedui.
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The last 6 months of my life have been spent coding and creating in the Opensim environment. I have been working on my Middle Earth project , a continent that offers everything necessary for virtual 3d immersiona ala LOTR. This set of pictures hopefully gives a clear picture of my dedication to this project and its manifest. The weapons picture are the 60 plus mesh weapons created for the Rp world. The clothing shot is the 40 plus Dresses I have created for the ladies of Middle Earth. And the avatar shot shows some of my mesh avatars and hairs, including my tinie avatars.. I have also donated over 20 weapons and 18 complete Avatar systems to my hosting grid to help offset costs, but my project is in Peril. A ego trained tech has upgraded to Grid without anyones knowledge and FUBARed Months of My Work . My vehicles, my combat system,my money pouch, my npcs, my movements, all messed up now Because of the ineptness of some ego driven fool.. I am distraught at the future consquences of his actions and my work has come to a standstill. IF You Know Anyone with expertise in Opensim server architecture . I am desperately seeking advise and help. That being said,. I am forced to Announce that Middle Earth will not be opening on christmas as previously announced. It is my regret that I am forced to concede my schedul, my dreams,work and my desire to the whimsical suppositions of a non educated hobbyist. Thanks alot Andrew Hellershanks.
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