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For the Pixar fans...
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Animated Photo

Welcome our newest member Matthew Beymer

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Psycho KID

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You HAVE to watch this

Hello everybody. Thank You for joining my community! Here are some simple rules to follow and you will be a ok.

1. Please post appropriate things!

2. No swearing or racial slurs

3. No copying other peoples posts

4. Be nice to everybody in the community! 

5. No asking to be owner. If I think that you have been respectful I will make you an owner

6. If any of these things happen please alert me and I will ban the person

7. Lastly, HAVE FUN

Ok you are now a moderator

you just got wrecked by the tiggis

Share this community with everyone and help them join it!

+Jason Louie Fine. Do you have related to awesome posts? If not, we'll be removing this post against the community guidelines.
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