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Hi all, I am running the London Marathon this year for HCPT, I know many of you don't know me but if you wanted to give what you can to HCPT it would really help me, our group and the children travelling this year.

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I should advertise the group I travel with on here really shouldn't I?

I am with Group 75 in Cumbria, we have 6 kids going with us this year and everyone is very excited.  Personally this is my 2nd pilgrimage as I was hooked the first time 2 years ago!

We have a blog if anyone wants to take a look and will be doing some more work on it soon.

Hi everyone and welcome to the new HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust Google+ Community.

Feel free to share, talk and communicate about the Charity, your experiences, your plans for the upcoming trip to Lourdes and of course shout about any fundraising you are doing.

Thank you x
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