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Atlanta Resistance member here. We have had some talk within our group about putting together some volunteer days for area cemeteries that may have been damaged recently. In truth, all our local cemeteries need help recovering from vandalism, wear and just age (since long before PoGo or Ingress). And, since we rely on cemeteries so much, since cemeteries are in the news so much and since we created the portals (however unwittingly) that PoGo users are using, is there any interest in putting together some volunteer days to help make Georgia's cemeteries better?

I see that there's not a whole lot of activity in this group. How are people communicating in the Atlanta area?

anyone still playing? just got the game!

Hello All,

im Mrs from Germany. I visit Atlanta on march for 10 days. i want to do some Banners :) can me give somebody a good homepage to have a look which one is nice for me or can someon show me some good one?

Thanks for your help!

Regards Mrs :) 

Ingame: MrsNobody89

Hi, nofluffybunny here, from Seattle Wa. Will be passing through Atlanta towards end of July and am wishing to hack as many uniques as possible in a short amount of time. 

I am wondering if you guys have agents who take visitors around like they do in DC. I can always take myself, but you guys know your city well and you know where the dense areas are. :) Will be staying up in north Atlanta, but I can also stay more south to help you, help me get as many hacks as possible.:) I have 17,000 and hunting my onyx.


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Did you hear? West GA has a First Saturday event for XFaction!    Check it out! Be there! 

Hello guys! I am new to Ingress in the last couple of weeks and have had SO much fun playing it. I used to geocache but it got a little bland and was excited to find this. Any tips or tricks or suggestions?

I am new as of 3/21/15. Slowly I am learning; slowly.
Even though, it is tons- o-fun, I 'd like to learn and maybe help beside running around waging a singleman war *see Commando......
Any tips  or suggestions?

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