Anyone know when will we be getting our pdf copies of Demons of Doom from the kickstarter? :)

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This is the second episode of #SAALT3 The secret of Xyrata. Following the events of the previous episode, the city was attacked by hordes of angry animals. Adventurers are willing to go out into the forest to "find a solution" to the problem.
I thank you again +John R. Lehman  for allowing me to use his personal dragon to illustrate this short solo adventure.

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+Graham Bottley Hey Graham, I have a question regarding adventures. Can you email me at shanepatrickward AT gmail DOT com when you have sometime?

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Thanks for creating the group, and Mr. Bottley, thanks for AFF2 and Stellar Adventures. Great games.
Allow me to share a race I made up for my home game. I wasn't sure if there was an existing humanoid canine race in the Fighting Fantasy books, but here is one for your consideration:

Fleet Footed
Common Language +4

(Illustration from the Pugmire RPG)

This is the MeWe group Michael Wolf has started. He says he has only just discovered the game and wonders who else is interested.

+Graham Bottley is anyone onto the migration to MeWe? Because if you don’t do it, someone else will. It’s already happening to other g+ communities.

So, Michael Wolf has set up a MeWe group for AFF. He is not a member of this community.

Gplus is shutting down. Can someone create a reddit page for aff? Also a lot of the osr people are moving to mewe.
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