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Favorite book with ChatterPix.

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Hi Playground Friends,
We are nearing the final stages of our work together around reader response.  As we move toward the end of our inquiry around digital reader response, we are now ready to start reflecting on our experience.  Before we meet on April 5th, it would be helpful for you to collect snippets of written reflection about your process (in responding and trying ideas with students), any artifacts from your work, and/or reading responses from your students.  

At that time (April 5), each of us will begin to put reflections together to create a short 1000-1500 word piece of writing that might help other teachers interested in learning more or trying something new. We're very excited about the possibility of gathering your voices around this experience for other educators.   

Please note:  
Don't panic.  We promise this will be easy peasy.  (I'm thinking Julie will do most of the work....bahahaha.) 

If you are a local participant this might be a session you want to attend (4/5 Darby Creek 4:15).

We would love to have our virtual participants collaborate with us on this project.  If you are interested, share your snippets of reflection and samples (or links) in a Google doc with +Julia Johnson or myself.  Julie & I are happy to answer questions or assist you in this process.  

Thanks, everyone.  

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My infographic/note taking assignment...I used Lightbox, Jot, and Padlet

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My Screencast!

It's hard to believe, but our next make is here! This make focuses on creating a persuasive response using video. You may choose to create a book review or persuade us to read a certain author or genre. There are a variety of tools you can use: iMovie, iMovie Trailer, We Video, Animoto are just a few.

Cathy and I will be at Darby Creek Elementary tomorrow afternoon from 4:00 to 5:45 for anyone who wants to come work in the "live workshop." Come with your questions and anything you want to work on.

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My very basic attempt at "Visual Notetaking". The non-fiction book that I used was Splash, and the app that I used was Jot. I did have to also make a quick pic collage of images from the book, because you can only upload one photo per "jot" (at least in the free version that I used). I can't wait to try this with some of my students.😊
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Better late than never. I kept mine really simple so that it's something I can try with my first graders. I used the Mo Willems book "Should I Share My Ice Cream?" Elephant and Piggie books are always favorites in our class and we use them to teach all sorts of things. I used this one to talk about characters and how we can use clues from the words and pictures to infer how the characters are feeling. I made mine on Seesaw, because my students all have Seesaw portfolios and we are learning new ways to use it.

Hilliard friends, Be sure to change your privacy settings when sharing your work to public. That way, our friends outside the district can view your work. Thank you +Susan Stephenson for being patient with us and persevering. :)

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Okay apologies. I ventured out and decided to try Explain Everything instead of Educreation. This is also my first attempt at attaching a link so my apologies if I did this wrong.
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