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Here are some rules!
1~ Please post in the right category.

2~ Any art theft / OC stealing must be reported.

3~ Be nice! We dont want any drama!

4~ If you dont like someones OC Please say it kindly and why you dont like it or what to change.

5~ No inappropriate drawings.. Keep it PG Please.

6~ Only moderators or owners can post in announcements. Anyone else will be warned.

7~ The 2 warning rule:
Do i once Its okay,
Do it twice pay the price.

8~ Have Fun!

9~ Use a base? Credit the creator!

Mod applications are open from December 13 to 24th.

Thats all!

Must be atleast 12.

So, i forgot to put this into the rules post but
Heres the template for Mod Applications

(I Put a * For requiered questions)

*IGN(In Game Name):
Real Name:
*Why you should be Mod:
*When are you free/ TimeZone:
*Do you have skype? If so Put your username:
Can you make it to *most of our calls?:
*Are you okay with talking to other Mods/Owners?:
How many times do you check notifications?
-Every few minutes
-Once every hour
-Once every 2 hours
-Once or twice everyday
*Other communitys you've moderated/owned (Link please):
Will you actually *Help out and make sure everyone follows the rules?:
Most importantly.. Will *you break rules?:

SHARE YOUR OCs! Hi, We would LOVE to see your OCs! Share them here!

Hai Guys! This is my first community, thanks to DeEpicMsModoh YT for helping me with it!

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Hey guys! This is my new community! Hope you all enjoy ~ Special thanks to DeEpicMsModoh YT for helping me out!

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This is my OC! Her name is Rocky Roll ;) (Sorry, i didn't know what to name my OC) xD
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