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The Community is going well so far and since its at forty members I suppose the first arc will commence.

I may have to point out a few things involving the periodic RPers wanting to gain Omega Blades. It is pretty easy actually. All you have to do is name what your Omega is "Of" and the name and I'll include it in my list which is currently a work in progress. First and foremost, all omega blades must have Eidolons.

Now then one simple note:

• DO NOT just post pictures of your profile and say "WIP". If it's a work in progress I need to see more than pictures. Also make sure most of the info is included, and don't think mods don't check your powers to see if they're over the top, we do.

• If you wish to create a league, please post it in the Lore section and tag one of the mods and we'll review and see whether or not we want to make it an actual league.

• I will put tabs in this pinned post eventually for current Leagues and Omega Blade wielders, honestly just to keep up with things.

• The Hero of The Week Will Also Be Picked Weekly; This Week's Being +Yαɱι By default. The requirements for this are, doing some unique or exciting in role play. The hero of the week will be the picture of the 'Current Leagues' post.

Thank You For Your Time.

( Eidolon Tab )

( League Tab )

-- Altsuba

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"You're done.. "

[• Swiftly struck the male's katana was stained with blood. He then receded to a regular stance, sheathing the sword and tucking it back in his coat. He adjusted his beanie and huffed. •]

"Don't ever bad mouth, Lord Hideyoshi fuckface.. That's a one way ticket to hell's embrace."

[• The male grinned darkly before turning his back to the scene he left of what seemed to be a dead shinobi. He was off guard at this point or so it seemed. His name was Zenza. Extremely calm but blood thirsty. He let his rage show through his combat. •]

"No wonder there's always trouble around here.. Some people dunno how to keep their mouths shut.. Huh?"

[• He was standing before the OBF headquarters with his head tilted. The building was destroyed. Feldspar banners all over the place. •]

"Someone's been framing us already..? Tch... That really ticks me off."

•After the most recent events that happened, Kana decided it was time.. Taking into account everything that happened, she would no longer just stand by and let the people she loved die. Kana stepped into the basement of the Ii Clan Family Manor, and made her way down to the lower depths of the Basement. Hitting basement number 4, Kana slowly stepped towards a heavily chained, heavily locked down door. Only those who were of pure Ii-Clan Descent were capable of coming through this place. Sighing lightly, she slowly walked into the room once the door opened, and began what she would later remember as "the second most painful experience" of her life.•

•Kana made her way to the hospital room where they had her grandfather stationed for recovery room. Ever nurse and doctor who tried to deny her entry was placed under an illusion where they could not remember her name, presence, or face. This incident that happened..she was worried for her grandfather, stepping into his room. Wearing her typical school uniform, she stood beside his bed, narrowing her eyes. Tears flowing from her cheek..her grandpa was the only family she had left. Her fathers whereabouts were unknown, her mother dead, her grandma was MIA. She refused to lose the only relative she had left•

"You better survive old man.."

(I can't tag him, but can someone tag Altsuba?)

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"For the record, I know exactly what this is about... I want your spleen in my hand!!"

Zenza Ishida


Half Human Half "Geistus" •
"Creatures that were born as ghosts, otherwise known as. They have the ability to transcend time and even manipulate their own being to become one with the astral of a human. Normally, most of them are none other color than white and are extremely powerful when their body becomes luminous. The glow that they empower is often so beautiful that many see it as an epiphany whenever a Geistus shows its true form. Being born as a Geistus however, your age doesn't decrease it increases. All Geistus begin at age 999999. But, depends on when their Light decides to be utilized is when they finally deteriorate. The number depletes each time a Geistus' power is used."


Skin Color
Pale Peach

Hair Color

6 foot 1 inches

166 pounds

Bludgeon Edge; Blade of demonic origin, but uses it for justice. It is the Omega Blade of Hatred, extremely dangerous upon those who can't control their anger.

Eating, Fighting, Locking people up, Training, Hanging with the little friends he has, EATING!, Canned Gel Drink

People who won't leave the past behind them, those who mess with others simply because of their reputation.

Chaotic Neutral

Greedy, Civilized, Intelligent, Tactical.


During his experimentation, lots of different cells were implanted into his body, this was one of them, which causes him to move at very fast pace.

Enhanced Strength
Gives him the ability to left objects normal humans cannot, specifiically used to use, one handed military weapons such as Bazookas, Mortars, etc.

This was enhanced as well, the description says other wise.. he's more agile.. duh.

When a slight amount of damage is done, say an arm being lost he could regrow it. The only way for him to die is bleed out or starve.

Morbid Apetite
He is the descendant of Abaddon and also the human manifestation of gluttony at any time he wishes he will consume anything, let it be another demon or human. He has two mouthes one on his chest and the other on his face the one on his chest used to consume souls.

As a young man, his father had made him an officer of the Holy Order, a demon intelligence group who keep the peace among the humans and demons. During his time as an officer his first mission was to kill a group of harpies in which he met his first friend. Who of which taught him how to use his Bludgeon Edge, as well as knowing how to use it.

He was trained in the arts of dark energy, which he can use as a source of his power. His first awakening of this power occured when he had fought a golem whow as disobeying rules, from there a dark entity inside of him awakened. Still to this day, the dark energy; known as Oculus, drives Zenza mad. Still his strong sense of justice is always on the mark, though sometimes his definition of justice may not be the best description. With his father in charge of the Holy Order he has more power than any other officer, though his father makes it seem like he has no power at all.

At the age of seventeen he had gotten into a fight with five others officers, all of which he slaughtered mercilessly, he was pardoned but returned, where his time gone, he trained with Tam Lin,one of the strongest of warriors throughout the land. He adopted a young girl named Yurine along the way, who as well enlisted within the Holy Order under his command, though she may be small, she fights to serve Zenza and no one else, though ZenZa is strongly indifferent about it. Driven by madness and hatred, he has the strength capacity to kill his grandfather Abaddon himself, which he has planned for quite awhile but being sent on countless missions in which he has to stop violaters of the world, misleads his true goal, though the killing just makes his bloodlust worse.


Time Altering
Mixed with his superspeed, the enemy could be rendered helpless, when he wants things to go fast, he uses this technique to make it that way. Only other demons have the power to nullify this attack, it is not necessarily him stopping time, that combined with speed is a very fair combination.

Zangetsu Blade
The power of the Bludgeon Edge increases twofold. the blade of it splits open as a black shadow essence separates the blade, the energy is so powerful that the pressure causes the opponent massive head aches and coughing.

Shadow Skin
Zenza does not feel pain when he's in his full madness awakening mode, but can take very heavy damage. Instead of blood, dark matter leaks from his wounds as his full demon. Only person that has ever hit him was his master so this affect is barely used to it's full potential. With his shadow skin, he can use cords to bind enemies in traps.

Counter Zai Ein Jin
Zenza is a man of counters and man of his counters are different for different opponents. He aims to kill when he counters someone.



A defensive attack. Zenza spins his sword in front of him at blinding speeds to create a protective disk. The startup is almost instant and it will block almost any frontal assault and can also be used as an anti air, staggering the opponent if they get hit by it.


Zenza performs a shoryuken style dragon punch. It has no invincibility during it's startup and travels completely vertically, but is fast and covers his body well.


The first part of Zenza mighty rekka (3 part) attack. Zenza makes a fast dash into his opponent, damaging them with a sonic boom. The light version travels the shortest distance but has the fastest startup, the mid version goes a little further and has more startup, and the strong version has the most startup.

A very fast low strike from Kasha. Stuns the opponent. If the opponent is high enough, it's possible to combo into Yashaguruma from here, but the timing is strict.

Zenza slices through the opponent, sending them into a spinning knockdown behind him. Zenza can then combo into his Moonlight Execution super from there.

A wild jumping slash. A bit slow to start up but has a huge hitbox and hits overhead. If it connects it sends the opponent slamming into a wall. It will combo from Yoinagi, making it a necessary combo extender as well as his only natural mixup.

Zenza shoots out his trademark steel cable, which latches onto the opponent and stuns them slightly. If a command is put in during the stun, Zenza will follow up with another attack.


Zenza tackles the opponent with a flying kick, carrying them all the way over to the corner of the stage before slamming them into the ground with his sword so hard that their body bounces up off the ground.

Zenza flings the opponent behind him with his chord. The light version has barely any lift, the mid version throws them up into the air and the hard version flings them back violently, causing wallbounce.

Zenza turns the disk on his side and then disappears, proceeding to direct the spinning sword back and forth across the field, slicing the opponent repeatedly until throwing them behind him with a final slash after which he retrieves his sword. This attack does plenty of chip damage that may scab an enemy, but does stun them temporarily.

Zenza poses with his sword in front of him. Will counter any physical normals and specials with a powerful soul-stealing slash. Zenza isn't often put in a position where it's a good idea to use this, since using it without reason will give the opponent a free combo on him, which often is enough to spell the end for the fragile assassin. It comes in handy as a last second final.

Zenza pauses for a moment as a crow-shaped shadow gathers around him before shooting across the opponent. If it hits, Zenza will suddenly appear in front of the opponent, binding them with strings of darkness before performing his ethereal killing technique from the first battle he has ever fought in. Deals fairly substantial damage but has the interesting property of hitting downed opponents.

Feldspar's Holy Order

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Current Leagues

Omega • Blade • Forever (OBF) (Active)

( Current Leader : +AƖтѕυвα )

Originally started by the first mate of the First Omega Blade Wielder: The current is Altsuba. Omega Blade Forever is the strongest League in Superbia. They have many members who are known for their reckless antics during any vigil they trek on. The members of this League are all young, for the first generation disbanded after the creation of it, leaving Altsuba to watch over the League himself.

Its principles are based on the sheer ideal of strength and respect. Each member, being like family to one another. Of course,

Many of them grew up in Altsuba's care like Azazel, Kana, And Yoshitsugu. The symbol of their league resembles that an Omega Blade has no shape. The blade itself is a trinity and an oath that any superhero must hold to their duties of Justice and principality in order to be the ultimate Crusader.

Altsuba was one of the first heroes of the Great Vigil Hunt, and the league has many veteran Crusader Rank members; such as Lady Lotus herself, Yami.

The Hall of Protectors, keep a firm eye on this League, due to their reckless behavior and destructive path they leave, even though they complete a mission with always flying colors. They are also seen as more of a liability despite their heroic deed. However, they never have not gotten their job done.

Many of their super heroes are always on tabloids, radio stations and even modeling, making them popular amongst the world as whole not just for their deeds.

Current Members:
Guardian Class

Senior Vigils
+Yoshitsugu Otani
+Kana Iι
+Tokohime Himiko

Certified Heroes

Potential Certifieds

Feldspar (Active)

( Current Leader )
King Soulless Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Current Members:
Kojiro Sasaki
And many others.

Started by Hideyoshi as an orphanage; however these children grew older and began to resent their ways of living. They became rebellious, which allowed for Hideyoshi to add fuel to the fire to create his own League.

Much after Hideyoshi left the OBF he seemed to have lost a few screws according to sources. Because of this , he travelled down the path of villainy causing many gang wars which his league's children ended with massacres of even the innocent.

The League's principles are based on the amalgams of rebellion emphasized that the league is much like a Feldspar, a creation from many different eroded sediment.

Using these youth as a catalyst, Hideyoshi seeks to bring down Superbia , making an example out of the famous League the OBF.

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Current Eidolon Hosts

All Eidolon hosts will be listed here;

About Eidolons
Eidolons are ancient creatures who were sealed and also perceived to be the ones to make what the earth is perceived as today. Some say they even have their own world.

Some Eidolons were captured and converted into magicite for human use and embedded into humans, creating the Omega Virus.

What is the Omega Virus?

The Omega Virus is a sickness that emerged not too late into the Meta World. Though only a few people can benefit from its use. The Omega virus was an epidemic caused once all of the Eidolons were caught and turned into magicite which turned unstable thus creating what scientists call the Omega Virus.

There are 20 of them in all, but there are also minor Omega Virus effects which happens in those who have come in the presence of an Eidolon. The Omega Virus attached to strong members of each race. There are twelve Eidolons who have become a virus, and from those Eidolons are sub biomasses:

Devil Class Eidolons
Ifrit (Host: ?)
Muramasa (Host: ???) | OB of Truth
Diablos (Host: Zenza) | OB of Hatred
Shiva (Host: ?)
Bahamut (Host: ?)

Angel Class Eidolons

Earth Class Eidolons

The Omega Virus takes the form of ancient artifacts that were used to dispel the Biomass that threatened to consume the city years ago. The artifacts go by many different names however, the only ones in existence currently are the Omega Blade of Rage, Truth, Love and Power.

The Omega virus eats at the host's body overtime, however when an Eidolon is in possession of it, the effects of it can be significantly quelled.

Hall of The OBF || 1:00 PM

The hall was completely trashed. The building itself was in complete shambles. It looked as though it was torn down by hand. It wasn't completely obliterated but definitely took substantial damage.

Altsuba would be struggling to regain a breath his armor completely and his body obviously torn and ruptured.. Yet. He was okay so it seemed from a distance. He was shaking abit though, downing a bottle of scotch while sitting upon a torn leather couch, his wounds visible, blog leaking down the side of his head.

"Of all people to return... Hideyoshi Toyotomi.. Ugh!"

He held his arm wincing, the leader of the league in sheer pain but some suppressing it in anyway, even though it was fairly visible he was damaged. This was definitely a display of his poise alone.

|| CLOSED to OBF Members ||

|[Location: OBF Headquarters.
Time: 2:21am]|

|Thud. Thud. Crack. Thud.|

The unrythmic, though constant sound of fleshy impacts and breaking bones rang clearly through the ears and mind of a Ren as he was locked in combat with a monster of a man nearly twice his size. Stringing together a brutal series of bone crushing knees and punches, anyone watching would get a slight glimpse of Ren's brutal style of fighting which successfully brung the behemoth of a man to his knees. This giant, standing at 6’9 and easily breaking on his knees stood eye to eye with Ren, whose hoodie hid his identity from the giant.

”Whadduya want.. Money? Revenge.. ?”

The giant chuckled weakly, before the strained laugh quickly turned into a nasty cough. Blood leaking from between his lips from the ruptured organs behind his ribcage.


Was all Ren said before delivering a monstrous right hook, instantly snapping the mans neck as he fell to the ground below. The weak aura that once shrouded his being and augmented his strength fading away..signifying his death.

With an almost relieved sigh, Ren relaxed his shoulders as he looked up at the starry night sky..letting down his guard, even if only momentarily.


[The dead giant that lay at the feet of Ren, was a known General in a vicious gang located just outside of New New City. Only a week prior, he ordered a hit on a rival gang HQ. Which ended in the destruction of 3 city blocks and countless innocents…so….Ren took things into his own hands...which lead him here.]
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