Name: Tobias Ackerman
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Flock: None
Developed Skills: Flight Speed/Sharp Eyesight
Species: Avian mix
Likes: The Night
Dislikes: Being caged, No freedom, Being in a crowd of people
-Laid Back

is anyone one

Name: Dust
Age: 19
Gender: male
Flock: none at the moment
developed skills: rapid healing (not like Dylan), can talk to animals
Likes: video games, night, being lazy
Dislikes: scientist, labs, sea food
Bio: has no memory of his past from the age of 10 and escaped the school when the flock broke out the second time

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name: Rina Jergan
age: 19
likes: jeff and her friends
personality: rude, mean, a killer, quiet
dislikes: being told what to do
flock: none...has always been alone
species: human/demon
abilities: shifting, turning into a demon, and making friends
Rina was abandoned at a young Slenderman took her in and took care of her. When she met Jeff the Killer..she fell in love with him, but was to scared to tell him.
((need a Jeff and all the other creepypasta characters))
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Can i be some other mutant?

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Name: Fang 
Age: teenager( age range )
Gender: male
 Flock:  max ,  grazer , angle , nudge .
Developed Skills:
Fang's first "self-mutation" is discovered when he fades into near-invisibility while the Flock is camped in a state park. The rest of the Flock is unable to find him until he moves, instantly revealing himself. Fang says that he was never gone, and thus his new skill is discovered. This skill, invisibility, complements Fang and his personality perfectly; he is known among the Flock for sitting quietly for such extended periods of time, such that they sometimes forget he is there.

In MAX, a spy records that he can fly to speeds of 250 mph. He believes he gained this ability from the blood Max gave him in School's Out Forever.

Breathing Underwater
Fang (like Max) also developed gills in MAX.

Potential Immortality
It is revealed in Nevermore that his DNA holds the key to immortality and as a result he is more likely to survive an incident as opposed to the other Flock members.
likes: music , flying , goth things , max ,  my blog , being alone ,  emo things , motorbikes , spicyfood ,  noon light  , the moon , water .
dislikes: everthing elce white cost  , the school  .
Species:  Flyboy, 
 Personality:Fang is usually reserved and keeps to himself. He cares deeply for the Flock and has a soft side for Angel. He is very witty and sarcastic and opens up more around Max. He is silent, mysterious and brooding. He will do anything for the Flock, especially Max. He's paranoid and always checks emergency exits. He can be very difficult and irritating when talking to whitecoats or other humans.

Fang is also great at masking his emotions. He rarely smiles, cries or shows any other emotions and is brilliant at keeping a straight face. He is once described as "a dark shadow come to life".
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(open rp)
you look into the dark cell and see Azzie sitting by the wall across from the door. His dingy white wings are folded on his back. You hear his heavy breathing through his respirator

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Name: Azrael/Azzie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Flock: None (Constantly drifts between different flocks)
Developed Skills: Superhuman strength, inability to feel pain
Species: winged human
Likes: Max's flock
Dislikes: whitecoats, Erasers, School
Personality: Wise, intelligent, mildly pretentious
Bonus: Owns a stolen cell phone with the ability to hack into any machine
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Name: Sofia
Flock:4 kids: Sofia,Leo,Amber,and William
Developed Skills: mind reading and flight speed
Species: winged human
Likes: Leo,animals,swimming
Dislikes: whitecoats,Erasers,School
Personality: tough, but has a soft spot for Leo and animals 
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