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The Future of #Gamification

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Today, there has been a high growth of gamification solutions among small and medium enterprises in various industry verticals due to increasing need for gamification solutions and applications in enterprise and consumer brands. Global enterprises and brands that sell consumer goods have awakened to the fact that consumers and employees have plenty of choices around.

Gamification solutions are gaining pace in the current scenario of engagement and loyalty ecosystem. The gamification market has been segmented into consumer driven solutions and enterprise driven solutions.


Hello all, I'm back again after a long break (due to illness and other things), but I'm reviving the old project of Open Simulator GUI, I'm starting again from scratch, but it won't take long to get the core done.
I am looking for people to join the team on the open source project. we are looking for people to help with all areas of the project, from coding (php mysql, html, css, js, c#) to promoting the project and helping find funding, we also need help with testing the project out as well as graphic design for the project
if you wish to help please contact me

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An interesting video about the concept of ownership in games.  I suspect this can definitely apply to Opensimulator as well, both on the development side and the application side.

Hello folks, glad to see this community exists!

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#Gamification  Mastering Gamification : Customer Engagement in 30 Days

Written by Kevin O’Gorman and Scot Harris, this book will teach you all the major principles of modern gamification. But beyond just teaching, the book provides you with the guidance and exercises that will help put an actual business gamification plan in place. 

For more about the book, please visit:

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