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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Zooper is no longer developed or owned by me (you should have noticed already since there have been no updates since 2 years) so I strongly suggest you all to do what i did, which is migrating to KWGT or KLWP, those apps are honestly MUCH better, actively developed, actively supported, with a great community, less resource usage, a lot of features i wish Zooper had and i might even contribute to them at some point.

I am really sorry about this situation but this is nothing I can change unfortunately, the only way to show them that they wasted a great idea and great widget maker is to shout this in Zooper reviews and migrate to something else creating new stuff for KWGT so users will also move there.

So instead of complaining about Zooper updates or issues if you really loved it just stop publishing templates for it or even unpublish what you already have and move to KWGT, people will follow.

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#Flash #on #Call & #SMS

Are you worried from missing missed call, low battery sms alert, google alerts and smart notifications?? Don’t worry your problems are solved try out our smart flashlight alerts, flash call 2017 and flash call alert app, be alert for blinking flashlight. Our flash call alert is an android app will notify you on flash alerts. Our led alerts app is same as text notification system and phone flash on clap, but flash/flash led will start blinking when you will receive call and sms as well. When your phone start ringing flashlight/phone light will blink depend upon your setting. Also we can say sms notifier. This flash alerts on call call and sms alert app will notifi you via mobile phone back light flash alerts, the back side flash (alerta,alertas,appel,appeler,appels,вспышка на звонок) flashing notification. light will blink on incoming call alert and sms alerts

How flashlight alerts, led alerts and sms alert works?

Our led alerts app is very simple and amazing led notification app. simply open the app and you can easily on and off the flashing lite of your app. From setting menu in flashing notification you can change the status for incoming calls and incoming sms. Tap on incoming calls option you can test you’re blinking flashlight and flashing notifications on start test button and you can save easily blinking amount with the help of save button.
How our flashlight alert call/sms is beneficial form other flash call alert apps?

flash call 2017/flashlight alerts app have battery saver mode , when your device battery is less than 15% your phone flash will never blink .

Features of flash call alert and flash alert message app

• Our app have silent notifications
• blinking flashlight on missed call, google alerts, amazing text messages
• led notification system
• You can set flash alerts 2 times or more than two times
• flashing notification
• Easy in use
• Attractive graphics

Three different flash modes

 Normal Mode

You will set flash alerts easily in normal mode for missed call smart notifications flash alerts and for alert message of your device as well.

 Vibrate mode

You will set your flashlight alert on call flash alerts easily in vibrate mode for missed call smart notifications flash alerts and for alert message of your device as well.

 Mute mode

You will set your flashlight alert on call flash alerts easily in mute mode for missed call smart notifications flash alerts and for alert message of your device as well

Anyone having trouble with zooper widgets weather update?

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I need this widget search bar

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#Zooper giveaway!!
Promo contest for Stun Zoopers 4🎊🎉

Hello everyone i am going to giveaway 25 promo codes of Stun Zoopers 4. its very easy to take part on this giveaway just follow 3 simple steps:
1. Follow me.
2. Reshare this original post 4 times.
3. +1 this post and comment.

- This contest will be of 2 days and winners will be announced on 28 july friday.
- Winners will be selected by random selection tool

If you want to support me just grab a copy of Stun Zoopers 4 here :

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Update for Stile for Zooper (v1.3)

- Added 10 new widgets! (now 72 widgets in total)

Download here:

Hishoot template by +Galer vodgals

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Pink version added! 😀🙌 I love this color 😊
Download 👇

Kwgt version

Zooper version

I do not know if anyone like my widgets, but if you use them in your setup please mention me 😉😋
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