Trying to get started with Xamarin development. Works on Android. But on iOS it freezes on the start-screen. Tried it on 5s and 6s... Using Xamarin in VS 2017, any ideas?

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Have you seen this yet? FITBIT on Steroids! When my friend showed me their HELO and what it does to monitor your health and protect your love ones I had to get one.

I have this app shared with my friends. But when they try to open it says your device doesn't support sensors. Why would that be in a brand new devices?

My co-workers and I have been seeing very different accuracy levels on different Android phones.  I have a Droid Ultra (Verizon), Android 4.4.4 and MyStepCounter 1.3 and it works great.  Two co-workers have new Samsung Galaxies, and the stepcounts are impossibly low - like 500 steps in a day compared to 5,000+ as measured by other pedometer apps.  For example, one of the phones that doesn't work is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android version 5.0.1.  and I assume they have the newest MyStepCounter 1.3.1.  Anyone else having similar issues?

I want this application to install on my phone. I have Motorola G with android 5.0.2, but still i am getting a message that app is incompatible with your device.

It is a great application. Thank you fro making it an open source.
Is there any documentation to be read for understanding the source code?
It would be nice to read a Step-by-Step guide. But I understand it is time consuming. But still any documentation about the "philosophy" of the application and how it was build would be of a great help.

Has anyone got it to work with the iOS Simulators, I get an Unsupported Device on any of the iOS versions.

I've got an Android question...
I'm a developer wanting to build an app using the step counter sensor, and am curious if you know which/how many phones support that sensor?

I've looked over the web, but my google-fu seems to be failing me... any pointers?

Thanks!  (and, alas, it appears I can't use your app because apparently my phone doesn't doesn't have the step counter sensor - Galaxy S3)

It's not working on iPhone5!
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