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Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop happening in Telluride Colorado as I post ...

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Memristors: Where fact meets fiction. Alex Nugent's presentation at SPIE Disruptive Technologies 2018 conference, Orlando FL. #memristor #memristors

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Integrating Memristors For Neuromorphic Computing
The latest research on memory, variability, and compute architectures—and what comes next. #Neuromorphic #Computing #memristors

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How The Brain Saves Energy By Doing Less

No matter how efficient they become, neuromorphic computers are fundamentally different than human brains.

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An inventor who made foundational contributions to three key ways we move data through complex systems is developing a new type of #neuromorphic chip to accelerate AI applications.

#XcelerSystems #AI

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What If We Had Bi-Directional RRAM?

SET, RESET and the ideal memristor for neuromorphic computing.

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What’s Next In Neuromorphic Computing

Why commercialization will require improvements in devices and architectures.

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The 2018 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop is now open (until 2 April) for application for participation. Check out the new web site and this year's workshop topic areas that span deep learning, human cognition and neuromorphic sensors and processors.


The Third Misha Mahowald Prize for Neuromorphic Engineering

The Misha Mahowald Prize recognizes outstanding research in neuromorphic engineering in a broad sense: neurally-inspired hardware, but also neuromorphic software, algorithms, and architectures can compete for the award. The award is named for Misha Mahowald, a creative and influential pioneer, who passed away before she could see the field flourishing. She created some of the first neuromorphic circuits including the silicon retina and the silicon neuron.

The Prize is awarded by a jury of international experts and carries a cash prize of USD 3000.

The submission deadline is February 1, 2018.

Previous winners of the prize include IBM Research (Principal Investigator: Dharmendra Modha) for the TrueNorth neuromorphic processor, and the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich (Principal Investigator: Davide Scaramuzza) for their work on event-based vision for autonomous robots.

The competition is open to any individual or research group worldwide. A description of any type of neurally-inspired hardware, software, or algorithm may be submitted. The award is for an original, ground-breaking contribution to neuromorphic engineering. The work of individuals and groups will be considered equally. Only one winner is announced each year. There are no runners-up. Revised resubmissions are encouraged.

To apply:

Submit an extended abstract in English of up to two DIN A4 pages, containing:
• Applicant(s) and affiliation(s)
• Contact person information
• Project title
• Brief description of the work, its novelty, and its potential impact, including images/tables/original paper links
• Link to a video, if applicable (authors must arrange for unrestricted online viewing of video)

Send the document as a PDF file (max. size 2 MB) to:

If a video is included in the submission, a download link to the original source file should be included.

The Prize is sponsored by iniLabs, a technology company based in Switzerland that invents, produces, and sells neuromorphic technologies for research. iniLabs plays no role in selecting the nominee.

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Dear colleagues,

we have the pleasure to announce version 1.1 of N2S3, our hardware spiking neural network simulator.

This version is available

- in the public sonatype repositories:
- in our own file releases:

The installation documentation is available at

## Change log v1.1

N2S3 1.1 is a quality improvement release.
The highlights of this version are the introduction of a new Domain Specific Language (DSL), a reorganization of the existing neuron models and lots of cleanups.
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