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Updated bio for Luna, note I'm not good at writing, I tried my best and spent a lot of time on this, and if anyone is curious about her original bio (no one cares probably) she was a Mary Sue, I was new to the Internet and writing characters ok ;^; and I deleted it accidentally, and yes I know I'm not good with anatomy and drawing but hey I'm trying, even though I'm terrible UwU, new update just some newer pictures of her and now her family, just a small change like how I do arms and I actually have skin color, basically it. Also sorry if some things don't make sense or I didn't add enough detail I'm not to good at writing but I tried my best, if something doesn't make sense and you need clarification feel free to ask ^w^ and I tried having some kind of order that made sense, unsure if it's good but I tried, if you have a better way to put this in an order then feel free to comment :D also another reason why this probably has mistakes in it is because I usually do this early in the morning like a 4am, or when I should be going to sleep

name: Luna Twix I have a reasoning behind why the last name is "Twix" I just asked my friend, "give me some random names I can use for Luna's last name", I liked Twix the best, the friend was Pipers creator

species: demon though a shape shifter with some extra magical abilities would be a better way to identify her species, she calls herself a demon though she isn't quite sure what she is anymore

gender: attack helicopter female

age: 14

date of birth: June 15th

sexuality: bisexual

relationship status: single
crush: none

height: 5'4

pets: a deer she found in the woods she found the mom dead after one of her dad's hunts the fawn that was hidden in a tree cavity, she named her Meadow having to keep her hidden so her dad didn't kill the poor deer (shity joke your welcome)

where she lives/ where she was born: she was born in Gravity Falls but lives in a small house she and Gideon made in a clearing of the woods, she doesn't live with her family so she had Gideon help her and by that he hired a team of workers to do it make a little house in the woods since she would stay in the woods all the time anyway, Gideon tries to come over a lot since she might have accidentally given him the wrong idea with her manipulation, luckily he's been into Mabel so he's mostly left her alone

family: Luna had a little sister and parents (Darla and Carl) who she fought with constantly mostly her mother she never really liked her parents or her little sister (Ruby who was 8), after she got her powers and accidentally sacrificed her sister, she fled the house after her mom attacked her finding out what happened when she got her powers and sacrifice Ruby she sarcastically said "pff why don't you pay my parents a visit and tell them what happened, since you're 'all knowing' you'll find them easily" she ran as her dad chased her with an axe, when he explained what his plan was she hid deep in the woods near a clearing where she later had her house built, her parents moved the month after that happened leaving Luna her mom tried getting her arrested, the police didn't believe them even with an investigation but without a body and solid evidence they just thought it was a suicide, and if you're wondering why not just live with another relative or her grandparents, she never got to meet them or any of her other relatives, she only heard stories of them from her parents, also here's a link to her family's bios if you want more detail on her parents and little sister

personality: she can be very double sided she can sometimes be nice to some people or an asshole, is kinda manipulative at times, very sarcastic and will probably say some smart ass remark to piss people off, she tries to be kind to others but is a bit shy and awkward especially in big crowds, she is kinda protective over things she cares for, Luna can be reckless at times not thinking ahead or not thinking at all and acting in a somewhat dangerous way, and is sometimes a bit sadistic

little more detail on personality:
{manipulative} if she needs something done or just needs a certain item she will manipulate someone like Gideon to get what she wants weather it's something for a friend or power she will trick someone to get something and yes she would flirt to get something too, or threaten, the person she manipulates the most is Gideon, she learned how to manipulate from her mother and kinda picked it up
{sarcastic} Luna is a pretty sarcastic person when there's an opportunity to say a pun or be a smart ass she'll take it. Or if it pisses someone off she'll say it just for the reaction, she mostly is a sarcastic smart ass to her parents which would result in her being grounded
{shy/awkward} Luna is a bit antisocial and she usually has a bit of anxiety when she has to go and buy something or if there is too big of a crowd, though because she's on her own even more now than before she has been trying to work on it since she has more responsibility now
{kind} despite her being a jerk sometimes she tries to be nice towards people but not always succeeding in doing so, she mostly is kind to people she is friends with or to people for self gain
{protective} Luna is protective of her friends especially very close ones, she will harm someone if they hurt her friends or try to comfort them, she may not act right away but she will try her best to protect ones she cares for, even if she gets hurt in the process
{reckless} Luna sometimes doesn't think of a situation before she acts and ends up making it worse, ether saying something she didn't mean or doing something out of curiosity it will most likely end up with a big problem or getting in trouble with her mother
{sadistic} Luna finds the pain of most to be hilarious, weather someone fell on their face or got into a fight, Luna would be the kind of person to laugh at horror movies and cheer on the killer, she got her fathers sadistic nature from seeing him hunting or just from being hurt herself
{*double sided*} depending on the person she will act different, like with Mabel she might be bubbly and optimistic, with Piper she might be a bit sadistic and more likely to be protective

likes: music, reading, photography, walking in the forest, thinking/day dreaming, animals, playing video games, watching anime, sometimes scaring people, wearing baggy shirts/ jackets, hanging out with Piper

Note about likes: Soos was the one that got her into video games and anime, she wasn't allowed to watch anime or any tv or play video games when she lived with her parents so she would go there to watch it and play video games, she eventually got Piper into it too and went to her house to play video games and watch tv and anime, Luna got into quiet activities like reading because her mother didn't want her to make noise or be loud in the house or near her so she became kinda quiet and introverted, she loved going outside as an escape from her mother

Dislikes: her powers making her tired, her family, when she can't go outside, being sick, arguing with her mother, getting in trouble when she didn't do anything, being yelled at, the feeling that she gets when she's about to pass out, Bill Cipher, socializing

Hobbies: reading, photography, playing video games, sometimes drawing

favorite color(s): most colors, though like her father likes colors to help blend in with her surroundings but kinda similar to her mother she does like colors that stand out a bit - example: like Darla would choose a very eye catching purple that stands out with glitter and flowers for a fancy dress, Luna would choose more quiet purple that would be simple for a comfy outfit like a hoodie or shirt-

favorite genre of music: random music, whatever sounds good to her, a mix of calm and loud

favorite holiday: Halloween/Summerween

fears: spiders and needles

flaws/bad habits: Luna makes bad decisions do to her reckless behavior, weather its messing with magic stuff or pissing off the wrong person she doesn't always make good decisions or think things threw, when she is bored or deep in thought she will tap on a table or just any surface, because of her parents always in forcing her to be perfect she always keeps her home extremely tidy, she can't stand her house being messy out of old habit of keeping everything perfect sure is seems good but she'll spend hours keeping it perfect when she doesn't like someone she'll make it clear except to Gideon, she drops very subtle hints with Gideon but he never notices, even if he does, he thinks it just her joking, she also has a very dark sense of humor, if someone comes across her house and thinks is a witch house she'll make a sarcastic remark probably scaring someone if they don't think it's sarcasm.

appearance: red cat eye contacts she got at the summerween store, purple and black hair, sometimes sharp teeth. her original hair color was a dirty blonde and green eyes with a hint of blue

more detail on her appearance: red cat eye contacts, she liked how they looked and they were apart of a costume, she dyed her hair purple (the black stripes are drawn weird because it's easier to draw them curved than in straight lines) with black stripes in it, she always wanted to dye her hair and with her parents gone she finally got to do it, sharp teeth because Luna finds it funny to scare people, but they aren't always like that considering shape shifting is hard for her, though making her teeth like that is slightly uncomfortable but not painful and before someone says, why do you draw her teeth sharp if they're not always sharp, 1. Because it's fun 2. Whenever I draw normal teeth it looks weird af so I need to work on it, but I'm lazy and procreate on art ;^; also she doesn't always have the contacts in, she occasionally wears them like in Halloween or something

outfit: Yin and Yang chocker, black T-shirt with ripped bottom (she got it caught in some trees which gave it a rip at the bottom, she decided to rip it more instead of getting a new one) black belt with a red buckle that has an X on it, jeans with a part ripped at the knee (she fell down on a hill ripping the jeans), grey boots and sometimes a black hoodie but, only in the winter/ any time it's cold

friends: Soos, Wendy, Dipper (kinda), Mabel (kinda), Piper (my best friends oc) Lost (yup)

a little more detail about her friends:
{Lost Logic} I...... I don't know how to describe him XD, he's my friends OC, I just put him here for shits and giggles, he doesn't have a bio, Gary Stuuuuuuuu he's a magic nerd UwU

{Soos} Luna and Soos play video games and watch anime, she sometimes helps Soos with work but likes to prank him or mess with his work, he's kinda like a big brother in a way, even though they don't hang out much Luna makes an effort to at least socialize with Soos

{Wendy} they sometimes hang out and prank Stan or go and explore some haunted place or creepy abandoned houses/buildings with her and her squad, Luna only died her hair because Wendy encouraged it saying she'd look cool with it

{Dipper} Luna hangs out with Dipper sometimes, they mostly would make theories about the mysteries of the town or even study some of the creatures, Dipper doesn't trust Luna considering he found out what happened with her and Bill, he tries keeping a distance but is slightly curious about her and her powers

{Mabel} Luna enjoys Mabel's bubbly personality but can get overwhelmed when she tries to push Luna to make friends, she barely hangs out with Mabel but enjoys hanging out when she does

{Piper} her and Luna get along very well and they spend the most time together usually just talking and making jokes, Piper has always been there for Luna even if her parents didn't approve of them being friends, they would go trick or treating together and Luna even got her into anime as well as introducing more video games
note: she doesn't hang out with the main characters often as it might seem only every so often, Luna is mostly with Piper, sorry if it seems like she hangs out with the main cast

enemies more like people she doesn't get along with : Bill Cipher, Gideon (kinda), and Pacifica (kinda)

little more detail on her "enemies":
{Bill Cipher} its complicated, she hates him for her powers but is curious about him and his background, she joined a cult like thing dedicated to Bill hoping to learn more about this insane Dorito demon since neither Dipper or Ford would tell her about him

{Gideon} she mostly uses him for self gain, it's because of him she has running water, electricity, and wifi in her house in the woods, she doesn't really like him but sticks around for self gain would he be considered a friend..... maybe, I'll just leave him here
{Pacifica} because of her bratty personality Luna hates Pacifica, and the fact that she is not easily manipulated she serves no purpose to Luna, though her recent change Luna is trying to see if she could be a friend or stay a "enemy" and because her mother drilled the idea of her family being horrible, which they were, but Pacifica reminds her of her mother

weaknesses: if she is hurt broken bone or something that makes it hard to move she is unable to use her powers, if she is restrained she can't use her powers, if she can't see or focus, or can't move her hands she is just as helpful as a regular human, along with the fact she can barely use them and they make her tired she has trouble using them, she doesn't have much control over them and tries not to use them since some of them cause her pain but mostly exhaustion

powers: telekinesis, shape shifting, teleportation, levitation, invisibility, and healing magic note she got them when she was 13

flaws with her powers/ more detail about them:
{telekinesis} she can really only lift small items, for instance the biggest lives thing she could lift is a full grown buck, the biggest non living thing is a twin sized bed just the mattress without anything else on it , non living are easier for her to lift then living, she's not quite sure why but she thinks it has something to do with fear of dropping and hurting the living creature. She can't really lift this that much, it depends on the item, like a stool she can lift it about two feet above her, but something like a small person/ living creature only a foot or less, it depends on the item, size, and, weight.

{shape shifting} it's very tiring using this ability and painful, she hates using it, and it is hard to use considering she has to focus on keeping her forms its very tiring for her, especially if it's a bigger animal like a mountain lion or a horse, she would rather be a small animal like a domestic cat, or a finch, she only uses it if she has too, like if she has to get away "quickly" or if it's a survival thing like something is flooding and the only way out is swimming, she'll turn into a fish be momentarily paralyzed from pain and getting used to gills then she'll swim out, if she's freezing in snow turn into a rabbit built for cold weather, she'll scream in pain and lay there twitching getting used to her new body, and slowly make her way to a shelter, ether way she only uses it as a last resort, it's very painful and with a time limit she has to move quickly before passing out even if she's still in pain time limit for small animals (cat, rabbit, fish, etc) around 15-20 minutes, and 5 minutes to get used to her body so more like 10-15 minutes, bigger animals she can't really do since the time limit is 15 but the recover time is 11 minutes so 4 minutes as a big animal like a lion

{teleportation} she can't really use it well, she has to have a good idea or at least
able to see the place she needs to teleport, at the most she can teleport is about from the front door of the Mystery Hack Shack to a little ways into the woods before passing out, she only goes small distances before passing out from exhaustion, she's tried to see her limit with Piper measuring the distance, she went from the start of the woods to a a foot further than she expected she originally thought she could go 10 feet before passing out, she got 11 feet at the most, she'll only go maybe 5 feet at the most to teleport but that makes her dizzy

{levitation} Luna prefers to use this is she doesn't want to walk, the maximum hight she can levitate is about to a window of a two story house, but she mostly levitates a little taller than her as if she was 5'9 the longest she can levitate before passing out is 15-20 minutes the higher she goes the less time she can stay like that, say she was trying to get on a tree branch that was 15 feet high, she'd only be able to stay at that height for 5 minutes before passing out, she if she were to make herself a bit taller-like 5'9- she could be like that for 20 or so minutes, she'll start getting light headed at 15 minutes, at 18 minutes she's getting very dizzy and about to pass out

{invisibility} she can't use it long, it's one of the most tiring powers she has, she can only use it for 15 minutes at the most before passing out, it's hard for her to use it, even less if she can't focus, she barely uses it since she doesn't have that much of a purpose for it

{healing magic} only works on small injuries such as cuts. She can't heal a broken bone or a deadly injury like a shot or a stab wound, this is another very tiring power considering she uses her energy to heal a person or animal, the power she uses the most and doesn't mind using it since it helps, the biggest injury she's healed as a very scraped knee that was bleeding, it was still a bit scraped but otherwise good, she went to a doctor to see if it was healed properly and it was just a little dirty with dried blood, most it needed was a little wash

Note about her powers: Her abilities also rely on sight, concentration, and energy if she can't concentrate or is too tired, hungry, if she is hurt (distracted with pain weather it's something sprained, broken or just like a cut, in the moment of pain she can't use her powers) she can't use her powers. Also if she uses them too much she'll pass out even if she uses them a little she will still get tired, even if it's just a few minutes depending on what she's using, does that make sense? Probably not oh well

backstory: Luna was curious about if Bill really was all powerful, being very skeptical she summoned him and made a deal to get her powers, she gave her sisters life thinking it wouldn't actually do anything thinking he was just bluffing, she ended up with powers, a dead (?) sibling, and living alone in the woods, she told Piper what happened knowing she could trust her, she started being a bit more social because of her new responsibility and made friends Dipper and Mabel when Soos introduced them to her, after the events of Weirdmageton and the fact that she already had an encounter with Bill, she found a secret church like place dedicated to Bill, she wanted to know more and since neither Dipper or Ford would tell her she joined them hoping to learn more about him, she feels like they're more of a burden than helpful, she wanted to get rid of them but she has no idea how, with Bill basically dead she can't have him get rid of them for her, and Ford is gone along with Dipper so they can't help, she's stuck like this with shity powers and no idea what to do this was in the weaknesses section but I thought it would fit better here
Note: Luna is apart of a church/ cult thing dedicated to Bill Cipher (if you want to read more about it click the link :3
I will add more in the future, note I'm halfway paying attention to what I'm writing, I'll probably forget something to delete/ add, this is still in progress, and I'm working on more detail on her family, for now this will have to do for now, and the backstory is still in progress, if you want to see more pictures of Luna check out "I draw Luna way to often" collection for more pictures on her and more updates with her bio in the future also here's little Bios for her family as well :3
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