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[]Name[]Natsuno Yuuki

[]Nicknames[] Yuuki

[]CCG Names[] None yet

[]Age[] 17

[]Gender[] male

[]Seaxuality[] bi

[]Relationship[] None

[]Race[] One eyed ghoul

[]Height[] 5.9

[]Ward[] 20th

[]Rc level[] 5,652

[]Occupation[] He is a student at Kamii University

[]Likes[] friends, music.

[]Dislikes[] bullies.

[]Family[] his family died in a terrible accident when he was a kid.

[]Friends[] None

[]Rivals[] None

[]Personality[] kind of shy but a good friend, he likes to hangout and have fun.

[]Kagane type[] chimeras

[]Kagune description[] rinkaku, ukaku.

[]Bio[] Natsuno was born as a half ghoul but he doesn't know it because he was able to eat human food and he has always been able to act normal around other humans, until one day his ghoul side awakens inside him but for now, Natsuno is an ordinary college student, that likes to have fun but he doesn't really have any friends to have fun with so he hangs out at the Anteiku coffee shop. He likes it there because it's a place where he can just relax and not worry about anything. He will meet new people that he can trust in the future. But one day he will be kidnapped and will be tested on for different kind of experiments that awaken his ghoul form and kagane.

+Dusk Kurenai​ please tell me if you think my profile is good or not.

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Tokyo Ghoul This is some pretty awesome art. Who's your fav character?
I've recently really gotten into Hollywood Undead, goddamn do they have some amazing songs. I think it's safe to say that "We Are" is my favorite, in large part thanks to the sound and the lyrics, but I'm fond of a lot of their songs.
Anime/Manga: Tokyo Ghoul


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Hey guys!!! I'm new. I love Tokyo Ghoul and Touka is bae!!!


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Name: Ishida hirata
Age: 16
Alias: Aogiri tree
Title: scarecrow
Gender: male
Affiliation: (I don't know I will make it later)
Rank: middle class
Ward: 11th
Job: street painter and bomb maker
Appearance: wearing crow mask has red and black pattern at the mouth cover and wears a cap,he only have left arm,wears a hoodie
Personality: muted person,when he feel bit alone always going out latey and when someone he love gets hurt he getting outrage.
Likes: kittens
Hates: dogs and pigs
Kagune type: ukaku
Kagune description: colour red and black,has a spikes around it and shape like a crab arm.
Techniques: throw smoke bomb then attacks with his kagune.
Weapons: butcher knife
Biography: he was raise by his mother was ukaku ghoul type at 5th ward,his mother knew her son can't healed his right arm and born with muted but she loved him to protect five years has passed Ishida's mother died cause of the dove killed her then he feel lost and suffered at the street sleeping at the old warehouse,eating other ghoul that trys to steal his beloved doll given from his mother during his 2th birthday until he meet Eto the leader of Aogiri tree that found him almost got killed by the doves she gave him a offer to join her organization then he accepted the offer since that day Ishida because more stronger

I walking around at night looking for a kill
Must eat...

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Name: Katsume Hadashi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: half ghoul half human
Ward: 20
Appearance: she has a thin face and black and white hair. She wears a nice and fancy bartender dress
Theme: I guess you can say I'm....special
Bio: "along time ago when I was not even born my father met my mother at a coffee shop. Ghouls always gather at that spot so no doubt she was a ghoul and he was a human. They ended up falling in love and had me. Its an extremely rare case for that to happen. Fortunately my mother and father both lived. I was born with one eye normal and one eye ghoul like. They taught me how to control myself around humans...mmm... They kept me away from school until I was in 3 grade where they finally unrolled me. I'm I'm highschool now and I'm looking for a job. Hopefully at the place where my mother and father fell in love."
Kagune: an electric and sword like thing that comes out of her back and wraps around her body
Rank: SS
Type: one eye black and one eye normal
Mask: a wing like mask that is around her eyes
Alias: none
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Name: Natalia Hyakuya 
That’s classified information!
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Ghoul
Ward: 11 
Appearance:  She has black hair and green eyes. She has a small scar on the side of her mouth. She often wears a black jacket. (For those who watch Owari no Seraph just imagine a genderbent Yuuichirou Hyakuya)
Theme: I don’t care much about music.
Bio: They tell me I was adopted by two CCG investigators from an orphanage when I was two. They didn’t know I had been given up by my dying ghoul parents. It was only when I turned five that they noticed my eyes would occasionally flicker red. They decided not to take any risks.
I was thrown away again. 
Later, a man from Anteiku picked me up and brought me to the cafe, where I lived till I was 15 when I left the cafe on a whim.
I went to Ward 11, but occasionally I go back to Ward 20. I kidnap people there and drag them back to Ward 11 to kill them so the people won’t leave Ward 20. I go there since Ward 11 is deserted. I make sure that no one sees me. At Ward 11, I occasionally work with Aogiri Tree but I mostly fly solo.
I am still looking for my ‘parents’. When I find them, I will kill them.
Kagune: Ukaku. Blood red, similar to Ayato Kirishima’s but with a blue instead of purple rim.
Rank: SS
Type: Two eyes
Mask: Black leather mask that only covers the lower part of face. (See photo below) 
Alias: The Assassin
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