Hi guys, I'm just a good poet but I'm also a talented writer but haven't tapped it yet, please if there's someone to help I'm all ready

Hello !! I am Parikshith! I am a 30 years old Finance and audit professional. I have always suppressed my creativity, but now I want to explore it.. I want to write what's in my inner world and I require your support!!

I am someone I am looking for!!


I've been here couples of months ago. I just want to ask if there's someone here could help me to pursue my writing. I'm not really good, I guess below average. 

Hello everyone,

My name is A.D Somicu and I am a writer and musician (definitely hobby). I’ve recently come up with a new concept called Verse & Music in order to enhance the reading ordeal...😁 I’m trying to have the readers enjoy reading a poem by listening in the same time to a melody composed especially for it. It’s just like a song with verse, but no nightingale voice 😩 attached to it. I usually write about social issues, short meaningful events, humanitarian causes, but I do have some romance poems also. I posted on YouTube some of them and I will continue posting more. I’m really interested to find out if the concept is going to enhance the reading experience... or not. I posted a link below to one of my poems. I've made it short and pleasant for my readers, only 2 or 3 min per poem and they all have a moral behind it (note: some are controversial). Please take a quick look and let me know. It would really be helpful if you could either 👍 or 👎 the vid for further reflection and upgrade of the concept. Thank you writers 😊.


Are we able to just write what we have here?

(BTW I am just a writer for fun, not money or anything)

Hi Guys,
I am a avid book reader and programmer. One of my favorite book is "To kill a mocking bird" by Harper Lee.

I would love to get in touch with you guys!

PS : I run website https://discussbook.com, its a book discussion website. I would love if you give me feedback !! :)

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Hello everyone, this is my second attempt to introduce myself. I hope it won't be deleted. I have a healthcare background and I started writing medical books since 2012. It's been 40+ medical books available at amazon.com and at createspace.com. I am also an artist, medical writer, and instructor.
See the link below.

It has been quite a challenge writing initially just because I wasn't a native english speaker. Thanks to my editor who did an amazing job in correcting tenses, grammars, and such. I opted to writing medical books because it is directly related to my healthcare background. Fiction writing is not a trajectory at this point in time as it requires imagination and context but who knows I might do it someday.

Anyways it is nice to meet you all and I am looking forward to interacting with some of you. Good luck.

Hello everyone!

I'm a Catholic, a writer, and a major geek who's just starting to break into the writing world. I'm a Creative Writing major and will be graduating by the end of the calendar year. I'm also working on building other skills like web design, foreign languages (Japanese is the one I've spent the most time with), and a bit of coding (I'm just barely starting with HTML).

I spent six years at community college before transferring to university, but I can't say that I regret that time at all. It gave me some real-world experience that I think a lot of 4-year university students don't get until after they graduate. It also gave me some time to simply grow as a person and learn a lot about the Catholic faith. During those six years, I also was involved in a group called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which gave me a solid foundation for studying the bible.

I mainly write fiction, but I also have a blog and occasionally work on other non-fiction writing.

I'm excited to be a part of this group! :)

Hello everyone, this is to introduce myself. I´m a freelance Spanish creative. Recently I also self-published may first book of poems translated into English. The full book can be bought from any Amazon website. The title is "KAKA- Poems". I have an author page in Amazon too. I would like to make myself known and have readers in other languages. Thanks for this space.

Nice to meet, or see, or whatever lol! Everyone hear! Self publishing!! I'm still learning basic formatting! Conversion for kdp and all that jazz!!
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