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Hi everybody,
My english not good n i confuse read all post, n i just wanna say if i love writing n i have script but i have no time to typing coz of i have children, any advice for me?...

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Writing Tip: Riding The Metro...
In my inbox this morning were several letters asking advice about “feeling stuck on the page.” If you’re an aspiring writer, especially those of you who may have a public transit system in your area, it will greatly benefit you to park your car for a day or two and take the city bus or train to wherever you need to go. In the car we tend to be confined and a bit isolated. Riding the metro allows us to see and hear things we often take for granted. Who knows, these fresh sounds and colors might even inspire a new scene in your story.

Veering from our daily routine and stepping outside of our usual comfort zones will benefit us all in so many ways. Maybe I’ll take the metro today, what about you? – Randolph Randy Camp


Hey guys. I'm writing a book where this cat is a princess. She had to move away from her homeland because there are bad guys chasing her and her parents. She has a best friend named Cloudy. She had to move to England, London in a hotel. But her best friend traveled to England to see her. If anyone has ideas for my book, you can tell me!

Hello everyone. I'm Aaron, and I have lots of words. (Hi, Aaron)

I've just recently jumped into the indie pool, and I'm learning tons of new information every day. I also feel like I'm behind the curve with Google +, as I only created a profile here yesterday. I'll be hanging around later for anyone who feels the urge to flog me with a wet noodle concerning this. I've been on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and tons of forums (mostly nerd or geek out related) for years, but never thought of joining or posting on +. I really didn't see the point. Now, everywhere I look, everyone seems to be saying this is one of the places you HAVE to be. I am.

I'm working on my first novel, and I just recently released my first collection of poetry, so now I'm concentrating on how to get the word out that I have words I'd like to share with the world at large.

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Grey and I'm writing a fantasy tetralogy. I'm focusing mainly on getting the first book printed. I've checked out Createspace, but I'm struggling to figure out just how much it will cost. Has anyone used it to make say a paperback with custom cover? How much did they charge you all around?

Does anyone have any experience with using Amazon for advertising their self-published books? In the past, you couldn't use it with Createspace books, but apparently that has changed, so I am thinking about trying it.

What kind of results have you had and do you feel it was worth the money? Any other concerns or advice to share?

Hello all,

I've barely scratched the surface of self-publishing but I think it's a point of courtesy to greet people you meet so here goes nothing.

I've just started (for the second time) to publish my stories online (it's not a blog) using Smashwords. This time I have a bit more motivation because the story world has been brewing in my mind for maybe five years, and lately has been trying to get out in various ways. I've started doing several (almost) flash-fiction stories in a bundle and sending them out to make a ripple. I know/think persistence is the most important part for me right now, and I'm still in the "free" domain, getting people interested in my writing. I may some day sell a book/story collection, but it won't be tomorrow.

Anyway, nice meeting you and looking forward to learning the craft!

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Hi authors.

I'm currently in the process of self-publishing on Wattpad. I wouldn't say I'm a full time author. I'm more of a creative writer, but I like how Wattpad can be used as an outlet to get work out there.

The first story of my novel, The Sun Came Through My Window To Say Hello, is called "Message from Afar.

Look inside my eyes and you’ll begin a walk inside a cellar. In the deep abyss of its darkness I lay there bound by my chains. With no voice to break the shackles captive on my ankles or wrist, I still yell in hopes that it’ll arrive. I have no way to communicate towards you, except through the letters I send through media and I say to you to don’t look towards the texture of these walls. It will play upon the eyes based off sight. I have traveled too far deep inside and became lost. There is no rope that can extend to the length of my travels, but let my message climb out and speak towards all. And I say to you to find your Sun. There is a Sun bound by your gravity that shines. And it’s light hits some surface, and may so be you, on the premise of your skin. But where on the surface makes the biggest difference. The dark side of the moon is dark forever. Where the Sun shines is where you’ll find warmth. Travel there and gather some. And place the brightest in a jar. Be sure to seal the lid tight for I fear of its departure. Find my hole and throw that jar down. It’ll travel on forever, but once it surpasses the realm of time then it’ll reach me. That warmth is a friend of mine. Just as I have come to say hello to you, it will do the same towards me.

I''ve decided to go ahead and self-publish because I have a deep fear of rejection. The family asks, "Mom, have you ever tried publishing?" The answer, "Yes, my first one, once, and it came back so fast, that I gave it up." Now, I'm 90. Everything that I read seems to urge one not to worry about rejection or failure. Well, it's now or never (almost).
My vocabulary is flighty. My eyes are dimmer. I'm glad that I've written them because my memory is spacey. And I've reached the age of "What the Hell."
So, thanks for allowing me to join. 
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