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Please do NOT post random links, to your content or that of others here. If you post a link to content that you think might be useful to others please state clearly what the summary of the blog post / article is and for whom it might be useful and why.

Posts that contain only of a link and/or that are clearly self-serving (only designed to drive traffic to your own content or site)  will be deleted by the moderators.

If you find content that you think is worth sharing with this community please make sure that you summarize the content correctly and state clearly for whom it might be / not might be useful.

Thanks, SY

Quick question: When asking people to be content readers for novels, what are your thoughts on fees? A fellow writer told me to expect someone to ask for a fee. Thanks!

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Well, hey guys! I jumped right in and gave a tidbit of my senseless know-how already...
Been writing most of my life, published poems more than ten years ago in a down part of my life. Since then I've got remarried, have a beautiful Lab/pointer named Rocky, and my hubby and I hunt and fish between remodeling our house in KC,Mo. I'm retired from Hallmark Cards where I met my hubby :) I'm goofy, love nature, have 11 grandkids -- and last year self-published the first memoir in a series of surviving breast cancer. YAY!! Self-publishing has certainly been a challenge Lord knows. So, on to the rest...

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Found this while browsing through Google.

Is it possible to self-publish, and then later on get picked up by a publishing company? Or is it even worth looking for a publishing company in the age of self-digital publishing?

how to particularly publish my books

Hello, everyone! I'm new to this group. I've been an aspiring romance writer for a while, and this year I finally started planning the publication of my first book. Glad to meet everyone! :)

Hi! My name is Brio. I've been looking for this kind of community for a while now and I am glad I found it. I hope to be a likeable member... In all honesty, I am a real novice at this social media stuff, so bare with me. Again, hello!

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“Show, Don’t Tell," right? In fantasy fiction writing, this is essential. A team of writers and I have put together these Combat and Magic depiction cards which will help writers of all levels "show and not tell. Mods please allow me to share this initiative with my fellow writers. Thank you.
btw: We have hundreds of writer's storytellers and GMs already supporting us. please join us, we think you are going to love it.

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MailerLite just published an excellent article on sign-up forms - with particular reference to GDPR but it's good stuff anyway.
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