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Hi all 👋

Inviting all of you here to Hashnode, a network of more than 400K developers. It's a Q&A platform with the Twitter-style networking abilities. We have been working on the platform for quite some time.

Programmers like DHH, Sarah Drasner, Chris Coyier, Taylor Otwell, and other have hosted AMAs on Hashnode.

As Google+ is shutting down, you can try out Hashnode and share your feedback with us.

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Too much spam and porn. I'm leaving the community

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😍Demo ➡️ #Bos_Trendy_excellent_Prestashop_theme_4_Fashion_n_Accessorries_online_store
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💯 Details :

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How to use background size and use both background color and image together on a single element - Check it out here folks!!

In this tutorial on HTML and CSS tutorial for beginners, we are going to learn how to use background-size properties like cover and contain to fit the image into our HTML element covering entire of it. Simultaneously we will learn a new technique at the end; how to use a solid color and a background image together on the same particular div. With this technique, you will be able to use two or more background images into same particular HTML element. Watch the video till end and let us know what you are thinking by commenting us back.
Thanks in advance for watching..

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A Better Approach to Environment Variables in #Angular

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Creating Reusable Components in #Angular

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Websites we build should be compatible with all modern browsers. More than solving the issues, changing the workflow in such a way that we are cautious from the beginning. Here are few tips. You may add yours too.

Good time ahead!

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Background image position and attachment property in css and html for beginners

In this tutorial, we covered some vital information on CSS background properties, such as Positions and
attachment conditions. Let's see at a glance what we are going to learn in this tutorial:

1) CSS Background image positional properties (Position: left, center, right,). The default position is top-left which can be altered with some position properties

2) CSS background image attachment condition (attachment fixed, scroll, local, etc )

3) How to shorten the background image attributes and represent in a single syntax without disturbing any of the
individual properties.

4) Detailed discussion on each attributes and properties.

Hope this will aid you in building up your own project. In the next tutorial, we will discuss on background-size properties and more. Stay tuned.
Let us know your opinion through comments.
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