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The wait is over.

Also one more thing this update is not normal, probably i am not going to made all updates with 200 new icons.

Iris UI 1.1.4 is now rolling out:


- Revert all Halloween Changes
- 200 Icons
- Adaptive Icon is back

- 40+ Icons

- Broken activities

Icons Count: 2500

Grab it here:


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As you know i have been a user thay being report all kangers that i found.

And along time ago, All of you help me reporting a shit "person" that stole my Iris UI icons.

So today i need your help again, but first let me explain what Celandja is.

Celandia is a free cards icon pack with 500+ that was available since one month via beta program.

Well today +Jayant Abhir​​​, let me know via a comments, that some shit person again, stole the icon and redistribute it as paid icon.

So pls if you want to help me pls report it and left 1 star review
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Iris UI 1.1.5 Beta 3: is now rolling out:


- 50 New Icons.
- 5 Redesigned Icons.
- Fix broken Activties

Icons Count: 2650.


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AVG AntiVirus icon not applying, and why OneNote and PowerPoint icon design differ from Word and Excel and Outlook, it looks weird when i place them at one folder
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New teaser

Iris UI 1.1.5 beta 3 is coming on Tomorrow or Tuesday.


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Iris UI 1.1.5 Beta 2 is now rolling out:


- 50 New Icons
- Wallpaper in App
- Dock Background (Work on Nova Launcher)
- Some Broken Activities.

Icons count: 2600 Icons

Opt- in:

That anyone made Zooper Wdigets?

If you now pls contact me via Hangouts

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BETAS (Exclusive to Community Members) ARE BACK

Iris UI 1.1.5 Beta 1 is now rolling out:


- 50 New Icons
- 30 Redesigned Icons
- Fix few broken activities.

Opt-in beta:

Also thanks to +Lumiq Creative for the device frame on the teaser

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Few important things

Celandia: Updates

As probably you know, also i have other icon pack called Celandia(Cards Icons), that i release one month ago via beta program, and until now i dont update it.

Well the first update probably will come in 2 o 3 weeks with 145 new icons.

Why i am taking too much?
Basically i am focused on Iris UI , which is paid and i have a goal to finish 2017 with 3k icons.

When you will update it?
Well as soon as Iris UI Get 4k icons, i will be able to focus on Celandia.

Just to finish here is one teaser of 3 icons i made this week

Thanks for understanding

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Iris UI now have in app wallpapers (coming on sunday) with beta 2
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