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Name: Firefang
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Growlithe
Nickname: FF Fiery
Attack: Firefang, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Will- O Wisp
Ability: None
Personality: Cool, Kind, Popular
Level: 19 and it can't evolve
Likes: -
Dislikes: Bully's
Bio: Normal Pokemon
Classes: 1-7
Type: Fire

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Name: Swampert
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Polemon: Rubby and saphire
Personality: Honest, kind, respectful, smart
Species: Water/Ground type
Bio: He always wanna be a strong Pokemon 

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Name: Nikki



Pokémon: Sylveon

Nickname: Nikk, Ninfia

Attack:Disarming voice, tackle, tail whip, helping hand, sand attack, fairy wind, quick attack, swift, draining kiss, skill swap, misty terrain, light screen, moon blast, last resort, psych up.

Abilities: Pixilate, cute charm

Personality: Upbeat and kind but a secret Yandere

Level: 57

Likes: sweets, and good grades.

Dislikes: people who get in my way, poison types.

Bio: I evolved through love and affection but was abandoned. Left to explore the world all on my own, I managed to get enrolled in high school to learn and train myself.

Classes: 1-8

Type: Fairy
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Name: Raven
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Shiny Eevee
Nickname: Rav
Attacks: Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Protect, Tackle
Ability: None
Personality: Kind, Friendly, Nice, Fun
Level: 14 evolves at level 50
Likes: Making Everyone Happy, Friends, Family
Dislikes: Bullying
Bio: Normal Pokemon
Class: 1-9
Type: Normal

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Name: Nina
age: 17
gender: F
type: Poison
pokemon: Shiny Nordorina
lvl: 22
attacks: Poison fang, energy ball, poison gas, and gyro ball
likes: Her brother, her friends, and sleeping
dislikes: Losing in battles
personality: Lazy, sometimes a smartass, and sassy
grade: 12th
crush: none
sexuality: Straight

Name: Nargo
age: 19
gender: M
type: Poison
lvl: 36
attacks: Megahorn, supersonic, poison sting, and iron claws
likes: His sister, eating, and sleeping
dislikes: Math class, reading, and seeing others suffer
personality: Lazy, kind, and sometimes nods off a lot
sexuality: Straight
crush: none
class: 12th
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