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Don't miss Marco's webinar today!

Hey Everybody!

Happy Friday. I know you're getting ready for the weekend. I know you're getting ready to take some time off from sitting in front of a monitor or mobile device and trying to make money.

Before you go, I'd like to remind you, if you haven't already done so, to go and sign up for my no-holds-barred webinar where I will share some of my extra spicy "secret sauce."

I will also be pulling the lid off the SEM/SEO world and exposing what's being done to you. If you're looking to make money instead of spending money on "the next best ... ", then this is definitely for you.

That's right! This webinar isn't just about iFrames and JavaScript links and JavaScript iFrames, although that's a big part of what's working to rank right now and will help you rank well into the future.

I will also be discussing RankBrain, algorithm manipulation, how to stay clear of penalties, how you're being manipulated by people in the IM space and much more.

BTW, this is a free public webinar. But when it's done, it's getting locked down and the only way you will be able to see it is "Pay per View." That's how valuable the information contained in the webinar is.

If you can make it, go sign up. If you can't make it, then you will have to "Pay to Play." And if you don't want to make it. It's okay. The people who will watch this webinar will be happy to stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to ranking.

As always, this is a Team Semantic Mastery sponsored event, and you're welcome to attend the live event free of charge.

Have a great weekend everyone. I, for one, will remain in the lab and trying to figure out how I can continue to make Big G my bitch!

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Local Kingpin Launch Coupon Expires In 12 Hours!

If you want to learn how to generate local leads on demand and build a local lead gen empire, then now is the time to join Local Kingpin.

The special $100 off launch coupon expires in about 12 hours.

To take advantage of the launch special, just enter in the following coupon code at checkout: localkingpinspecial

If you're tired of the never ending battle with SEO for generating leads, then Local Kingpin can solve your problem.

Go check it out now before the launch special ends.

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Are you driving traffic with YouTube ads? If not, YOU SHOULD BE.

I was introduced to Adwords for Video by Justin Sardi and Zane Miller in January 2015 and I have been using YouTube ads ever since to drive traffic for only PENNIES per click.

We use YT ads for all marketing campaigns:
- List building
- Selling our own digital products
- Affiliate marketing
- Client work
- Lead generation
- Even for helping with video SEO

That's right, setting up an ad for videos you want to rank will help give it a boost, too.

Justin is undoubtedly one of the best in the business for teaching how to use Adwords for video for DIRT CHEAP, highly relevant & targeted traffic.

And his updated course Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 is on sale right now for a ridiculously low price of only $27.

Seriously, this is the same training that I paid about $500 for when I had Justin coach me way back in Jan 2015. Now it's been updated and added to and it's under $30!

Don't pass on this one, guys. You should be generating traffic for only pennies too and Justin's course will show you how.

Go get Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 now.

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BrowSEO v 3.0 Demo Webinar with Simon Dadia Join us at 4:30 PM EDT for a special MasterCLASS webinar event with Simon Dadia. Simon is going to show us the incredible power of BrowSEO v 3.0 and how to crush the SERPs with advanced SEO tactics.

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How To Livestream to YouTube and Facebook Live with OBS - Join us on Wednesday, July 20 at 5 PM EDT for a special webinar event where we show how to use the free, open-source software OBS to stream live to YouTube and Facebook.

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Trouble with outsourcing? Not for long...

We launched our new training product today: Outsource Kingpin

If you own a business and are used to doing most of the work yourself, this training will show you how to hire, train, and manage outsourced help so you can begin working ON your business instead of IN it.

Check it out during the launch to get the best pricing.

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Webinar Replay: White-Hat SEO Without Backlinks

We hosted an awesome webinar for our MasterMIND members this week with special guest Lisa Allen and she showed us ho to use co-citations to build authority and rank without backlinks!

This is a white-hat method that gives G exactly what it wants without needing to worry about things like link velocity, over-optimized anchor text links, or hiding footprints.

We thought this was so powerful that we decided to share the MasterMIND webinar replay with the world :-)

Do yourself a favor and watch this webinar. You'll learn some great new SEO techniques that you can begin implementing today.

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Here is an update webinar we did this week for Crowd Search.

Get Crowd Search here:

Notes and slides from webinar:

Moz 2015 Search Ranking Factors:

Search Metrics 2015 Search Ranking Factors:

Google Site/Page Weight Patent:

Navigational search traffic (Important!)

company + contact
company + phone
company + service1
company + service2

Get RYS Academy:

Get Crowd Search here:

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Video Mastery Mini-Summit - Free Webinar Event 
Thursday, April 14 at 2 PM Eastern

Join us for this expert panel of video marketing professionals for some great training and awesome deals. Panelists include:
- Bradley Benner
- Zane Miller
- Todd Gross
- Ray Lane
- Ben Littlefield
- Felicia Slattery
- John S. Rhodes

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Our updated and improved IFTTT SEO Academy is now available. Check it out here:
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