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Yea... I decided to make a pinned post... Cuz, why not?



Continue ?
▷ Yes
▷ Fuck off

If you stay here, that means you choose to continue, I guess...

Well, let's start this.

First of all, I'm worthless... so don't bother remembering me ^^

✧Personal Stuff~
✧Name: Mayu
✧Bday: 18/01
✧Gender: Attack Helicopter! (ha!... Tried to assume my gender huh?... Too bad ^‿^)
✧Race: AH-1Z Viper
✧Nationality: Japanese
✧Sexuality: Bisexual (moar into girls tho~)
✧Religion: None
✧Status: Taken~

✧My favorites~
✧Animes: Oreimo, Love live, Sakura Trick, Guilty crown...(too many to list)
✧Mangas: CITRUS!!!, Netsuzou TRap, The Breaker, To LOVE-Ru Darkness and BokuMachi
✧Games: Pokemon (series), Danganronpa! (series), Sono Hanabira (series), Shadow of the Colossus... (again too many to list)
✧Movies: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari (gosh I don't have words at how splendid this movie is), Hotarubi no Mori e and Bruce Lee movies.
✧Characters: Akemi Homura, Illyasviel von Einzbern ♥, So Chun Hyuk. (and a lot more xP)
✧Songs: Mata Ashita - Aoi Yuuki, Hello,shooting-star - Moumoon and All Alone With You - Egoist
✧Song genres: Eletronic, dubstep, nightcore, kpop, jpop
✧Singers: Chelly (egoist), Koeda (supercell), Lee Ji Eun (iu)...
✧Bands/groups: Aqours!!, Girl's day, T-ARA, Monsta X, Amazarashi (too many to list)
✧Food: Takoyaki!!!! and meat.
✧Drink: Smoothies and Coffee.
✧Quote: "I have no choice but to pretend that I am a warrior who knows no fear."
✧Color: Crimson
✧Smell: Vanilla!... oh yes, vanilla!.

✧A bit moar about meh
If you still reading this, thank you!.. That means alot to me.
Well, now things get a bit nasty.
I have a disorder called Dissociative identity disorder (DID) aka multiple personality disorder (MPD)... Because of that, I change a lot... Sometimes I'm chill and then I suddenly get sad, anxious, cheerful, or change my behavior completely.
This is something really nasty/hard to deal with, mainly when I need to socialize.
I have a strong depression also, but due to my DID, I'm not always depressed, the easier way to explain this is saying that I "switch" between a "sad/depressed self" to a "chill/calm self" or a "cheerful/happy self". As any weird person that have DID, my personalities have different names... So feel free to ask me if interested. (If by any means you were wondering about my memory, yes... it's bad.)

✧Here's a few amazing persons
+Lovi Blushy Vargas (she's an amazing writer, and the cutest also x3)
+Zatish The Psychopath (My babe <3, he's an amazing person and was my very first friend here on G+)
+Lesser Potato (a cute potato, he's a cool dood)
+Matthew Cayson (Awesome roleplayer!, I think he's the person I rped the most here on G+ o.o)
+NietTristan (Splendid rp starters and TANKS!!!! xP)
+Neon Neko God (Ma neko fren =^~^=)
+MilkBun (Buddy that is trapped on the idol hell)
+Akagi Hakamura123 (Person that seems to be cool and I want to know better xD)

+Shameka Johnson​ is now a dead user.

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