~ Last One!! ~
They do a lot of mechanic work, they have the best cars and motorcycles. They are kinda barbaric, they do a lot of pillaging, but you gotta survive, right? They have feline ears, lots of them have very short hair but some have really big hair there is no in between. They can be any skin color, but tend to be tan or darker because they live most of their life in the desert. They're hair is either orange, brown, or black, but a lot of the time they dye it. They have slit pupils, and their eyes can be orange, yellow, green, or blue. They also have tails and are really fast. They are indifferent to other races, and aren't very social creatures.

~ Seventh of Nine ~
The Dead:
Not dead, they just look like it. They have very stable villages in the desert, and are carnivorous beings. They have a safe haven for Phoenixes, but are rude to other races (only because they are suspicious). They are relatively tall, with sharp noses and sunken cheeks. Their skin is pale, verging on blueish. They have dark eyes and hair. Their structure is very boney. They use magic to start fires for warmth or combat, to build things, create protective shields, and many other things.

~ Eighth of Nine ~
They are adorable, kind, lesbians. They live in a lot of different places, and enjoy jobs that involve combining ingredients, whether it's chemistry or cooking doesn't matter. They tend to be around 4'11", and a little chubby. They can have any hair, skin, or eye color. Some witches are better at spells, and some are better at potions. Its rare that they are both. They like jewelry and shiny things, and would rather get paid in that than money. They don't have any government structure, they just do whatever, and that's fine because they tend to be very considerate and don't like hurting others.

~ Sixth of nine ~
No, not literal angels. They call themselves civilized, because they live in the cities, but they also have slaves soooo they aren't that cool. They're called angels because of their angelic look: humanoid, normally pretty short, with short cut curly hair. They also have tiny wings on their ankles and shoulders. They are extremely beautiful creatures, but are equally close minded. They have good jobs, and tend to be rich or upper middle class. They feel like they are the superior race. Both Demons and Angels aren't normally good, but they are the most likely to battle each other.

Name: Sandra Miller
Age: 17
Race: Witch
Gender: female
Area of Living: plains
Description: around 4'9" tall, short blue bob haircut with straight across bangs, yellow eyes. A little cubby, loves wearing short but poofy dresses and knee high boots.
Personality: Sandra is super chill, doesn't get angry easily. She loves to host parties and make new friends. Super personable. She does talk about how inevitable death is, but always with a perky voice. A realist with a slight lean to optimism. Has no filter whatsoever, and that can sometimes get her into trouble.
Cool Facts: has a doxin instead of the traditional black cat, and has a farm with sheep. She owns a bakery and is slightly better at potion making than spells.
Quest??: she's going to a trading post and gets lost. Oops.

Character Form!!

Area of Living: (Desert, city, mountains, or plains)
Cool Facts:

~ Fifth of Nine ~
Extremely intelligent humanoids. They stand at around 5'7" , but are physically very weak. They have rabbit ears, that make it easy to hear everything, but they often times need glasses for their weak eyesight. They are either very pale with straight white hair and pink irises or darker skinned with straight brown hair and black irises. The tips of their noses are a light pink and their lips are either bright or deep red. They scare easily. They make up a large amount of the cities, and tend to be doctors, engineers, and things like that. They are very fast and nimble. Some are rich enough they don't work. In those cases, they'll hire Phoenixes to work for them, though the wages are low. The majority of Rabbits enjoy dressing in Victorian fashion.

~ Second Race ~ (out of nine-ish)
Some people say they are made of pure light. They are pale yellow, humanoid beings that literally give off a light glow. They are wise when it comes to the meaning of life and similar things, but naturally lack common sense. They are one of the kinder populations, and are very against slavery. They do a lot of community work and do jibs where the work with other people. They have blonde hair, that can be curly or straight, and most keep it long. Their eyes can be green, blue, or gold. They stand at an average of 5'5" tall, and are of stocky build.
I'll put up a drawing later.

Okay, you guys, I'm making a new storyline!! I'll be putting up more background for it soon.

~ Third out of nine ~
People say they are a race of cruel warriors that feast on blood. The first one is right. They look exactly like humans, except all of them have ram-like horns. They can have any human skin, hair, or eye color, and their horns are either deep red or black. They are close minded, and do have slaves. They wage war constantly, and do not care for the commoners of their race. The average warrior rides on horse back, but lords, ladies, generals, and the king and queen ride horse sized dragons. They live high up in the mountains, and have skin tough as leather.
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