Ailith: Do you know if there was a path you two were on?
Little girl: Nmhm....We take one horse and ride off the path to get here...

Ailith finally reached the border of the country she loved looking after. But now that she had established her place in society, it was time to find something else. The remains of her family. She had done her best to rid herself of her nightmares and flash backs to the war, though sometimes she couldn't really manage. She figured this was the best she could get, and she couldn't wait any longer to find her mother and little brother. She pulled the reigns back on the massive elk that the military had provided for her on her quest, stopping just before stepping onto the road of neutral territory. She breathed deep, and let the animal carry her away from the only land she had ever known. all she had with her were the elk, her sword, some food, and clothes provided by her boss, who used to travel to all the kingdoms, no matter the temperature difference. Already she could feel it growing warmer. Behind her was a long winding road, ahead of her two branching roads each with a sign pointing to the countries she could go to to try to find her family: Glensboro, or Lucrinton. Before she could decide, she saw the form of a carriage approaching from the street pointing to Glensboro. She tugged the reigns on her elk, urging him into the surrounding trees, meaning to continue on her way when the people, or person passed. Instead of continuing forward, the carriage stopped, and out stepped a figure

Ailith: Squints, then whispers who could that be? 

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Character format!!

Name: Yuki

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Country : Red Forest

Cool Important Facts:Princess, has a family of 5 brothers and three sisters, second youngest, despised by her siblings, each with separate mothers, pure blood vampire {only if i can do fantasy}, and loves Pockey.

Backstory: She is a lost princess of the forest who was chased out of the castle by monsters, now she does not know if she remains sane, or if she has been taken by the mysterious forest. (Might change a little and add later since I'm going blank)

Quest (if any):

Anything else??? (weapon, belongings, pets ect)
Has a scythe , Always keeps a book by her side for wasting time and writing down facts she learns during her travels, and has a servant named Claude who remains loyal to her.

Character format!!




Country :

Cool Important Facts:


Quest (if any):

Anything else??? (weapon, belongings, pets ect)

Story 1:
Okay this is gonna take a bit. I might not finish in one go.
There are 5 countries.

Meklena, is the most northern one, beyond it's borders to the north is where wild dragons and other vicious beasts live. It consists mainly of snow topped mountains, fridged (spelling???) tundras, and fragile glaciers. Places you can relate it to on Earth is like Alaska, Canada, and Russia. People that live there mainly rely on fishing and other forms of hunting to keep the economy going and the people alive. They were the most affected by a war that wasn't so long ago, which will be explained later.

Then, South east to it is Glensboro. this place is covered in green grassy hills, wild flowers and coniferous forests. within the forests live beautiful fairies, majestic Pegasi and unicorns, wild bears, and brutish trolls. There are also elves, which are little devilish creatures that are constantly pulling pranks. There are a lot of little towns for people to live, mainly in cottages.

West of Glensboro is Lucrinton, a highly industrialized and technologically advanced place. It is made up of mainly cities, but here and there you will find old, little roads, that lead to fields in the middle of nowhere. Not many people come back when they follow the hidden paths. The citizens of Lucrinton call this place the Unknown, and fear it highly.

South of both Glensboro and Lucrinton is the massive desert country of Salezania. Here you will find more dragons, though they tend to be smaller and more docile, only going after cattle and other farm animals. There are little towns here and there around the ponds one will be lucky to find while adventuring. It is filled with small poisonous animals that tend to be really rather deadly.

Lastly, the most western country isn't really a country. It's an enormous rainforest west of Lucrinton and Salezania called the Red Forest. People say that those who go there will go so crazy they see red, and that the ground is constantly blood covered from the dead animals killed by the terrifying but unidentified predators that live there.

If i didn't describe one well enough, tell me what you need to know! i'lll make a post tomorrow about the war, thats all for today!

Name: Faith

Age: 19-going on 20

Gender: Female

Country :Glensboro

Cool Important Facts: She's the princess of Glensboro. She has a star birthmark on her shoulder than she refuses to show anyone out of embarrassment. Shes extremely shy and only talks to those who are very close to her. Everyone else has never heard her voice. Shes got her mothers brown hair and it reaches down to her lower back, which she pulls into a braid, her father's greyish-blue eyes, and the build on her mother. (chubbiness)

Backstory: She's the youngest of three children, her being the only girl. She isn't spoiled at all most of the time, her brothers take up most of the attention with their rowdiness and pranks. Both brothers are twins of 21 bullied her relentlessly as a child, which brought upon her fear of speaking to other people. She often walked around the garden with the mother and played with the animals. Her mother realized the growing distance between the kingdoms, she decided to send out Faith to do it, hoping her could grow closer with her cousins and see the outside areas.

Quest (if any): To travel through each kingdom and create stronger bonds.

Anything else??? (weapon, belongings, pets ect) Tiny pet Bunny named Fillis and a golden heart locket that hangs around her neck.

Name: Ailith

Age: 25

Gender: female

Country : Meklena

Cool Important Facts: has a lot of battle scars, is the best warrior from her town. tall, buff, with dark hair and dark eyes. afraid of the dark. has PTSD

Backstory: Was the daughter of the Mayor of her town, and trained in combat her whole life. Her father was one of the first to die in the War, and so she registered to fight on her 17th birthday, and fought the two remaining years that the war was happening.

Quest (if any): She is climbed the ranks of her army and is considered a lady and rules a city in Meklena, and if anything she is looking for her mom and brother, who she knows didn't die, but aren't in the ruins of what used to be her town

Weapon: a large sword, shiny silver metal blade and intricate grip

Story 1 idea contiued/ The War:

So for a while the 5 countries were one massive kingdom, called Todatierra. They were ruled by the most majestic, graceful queen. And the queen had 7 daughters, and her husband, the king, had already died. The Queen, let’s call her Natalia, was very sick, and was not expected to get better, and her seven daughters were anxious to know who rightfully got the kingdom when she died. Sure, normally the eldest would get it, but that wasn't always what happened. To decide who would take control when she died, she sent them on a quest, to the Northern Lands. You see, the Queen knew that the dragons to the north were going to attack, and soon. So she decided whoever was able to persuade them to not attack would win.
Of the seven, the eldest was Margery, who was rather childish, as she was an only child for six years, and was spoiled rotten before her sisters were born. She was a horrible brat and didn't like any of her siblings, much less had any sisterly love for them. She was 27, and died on hypothermia after refusing to put on her coat as they went further north.
So now there were only 6 daughters, and they were all closer, so they felt okay about it. Each was a year apart, except for the twins, who were the youngest at 17 years old. Berta was 21, and now the oldest. She had auburn hair and fair skin. Her body was slender, and she was the tallest of her sisters. She was level minded and quick witted. At 20 there was Kali, with the dark hair and eyes of her father, along with his sharp attitude and lethal anger. She was short, but muscular. Gertrude was 19, kind hearted, and a lover of animals. She was average height and very chubby, with round cheeks, light brown hair and chestnut eyes. The 18-year-old was named Hadiya, she was totally naïve and, honestly, the dumbest out of all of them. She thought she was clever lol nah. She had bright blue eyes, and the reddest hair anyone had seen, with a nose that looked like a birds’ beak. At 17 were the identical twins, Peggy and Madeline. They had black hair, like their iconic grandfather that had been the general, but their mother's green eyes. Madeline had trained since forever, keeping a lean body, almost buff, while Peggy worked day in and day out in the kitchen with her mother and their maids and grew a little bit of chub. But other than that they looked exactly the same.
When they arrived in the north, all were freezing and glad to have been lent heavy coats by the citizens that lived near the area. The seven slowly made their way up to the cave where they knew they would find the king of the dragons, Kregan. As they walked their way into the steaming cave, they saw dragons stalking along the aisles, glaring at them. Gertrude pulled Peggy and Madeline close to her and Kali, hoping Kali could keep them safe. What she hadn't noticed was that guards had taken Kali and Madeline's swords at the mouth of the cave. They talked to the king, politely and kindly, but couldn't reach a bargain. He refused to say why he was waging war on them. So, they girls went to where they were staying, a little village at the edge of their territory, where they would be safe. Except for one of them. Hadiya stayed back, for she had one last deal to try.
"Dear King Kregan," she started, "the mightiest, strongest, most brilliant king known to the world. Might I try one last way to persuade you?" He nodded. "Your Highness, what if I told you I could get someone to bring my mother up here, for you to kill her. I swear on my life and my country's safety that she is not yet dead. If she is brought to you within 4 days, would you spare our kingdom from the doom that would set in on us if you were to attack?" He nodded. "Then it is done, sir."
"It had better be," he growled, his voice coming deep from his throat. That is all anyone of Todatierra had ever heard him say.
Three days past, and the man Hadiya had sent to get her mother came back empty handed. "She has passed, m'lady," he whimpered weakly, cowering before her and the other sisters. Upon hearing the news, Kregan swooped down on Hadiya, catching her in his teeth, annihilating her. He roared at the five remaining girls, and they understood that now was the time for them to leave and prepare for war.

Neither side was victorious. They had a truce, for both were in economic ruin. The war had lasted five years, and they had been a brutal five years. The sisters decided to divide up the land evenly by existing City States. Berta chose to oversee Lucrinton, for she loved the areas' high prospects with technology. Kali chose second, picking Salezania, for she knew the area well, and had trained in battle there for a long time. It was the closest she had to home. Gertrude chose next, and gained control over Glensboro because of all the beauty and nature. Peggy had been born first out of the twins and was left to pick Meklena. Madeline and her sisters realized they were short of a State for her to control. But she had decided before that she wanted to stay with Peggy, and chose to be the head of military and defense in Meklena. 
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