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DIVM Token gives the rights to its owner:
1. The right to exchange for other crypto-currencies in centralized and decentralized blockchain-system systems;
2. The right to connect to the system of DivM Group official website, which uses the function of blockchain-technology
3. The right to vote on the development of the functional and characteristics of this system.
For large buyers, we offer special, privileged terms, implemented in the official DivM Group website.

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After Token Sale, the funds will be distributed within the overall business model of the project.
Within the short-term planning horizon, we have developed a financial plan*** that will serve as a basic document for current, investment activities.
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In accordance with the concept of the project and the overall economic model, the company's management implements a mixed investment strategy aimed at minimizing financial risk with an average level of income.
Our analysts and experts in the field of the stock market and the Crypto-currency market, using the current market situation and the projected trends, use the diversification effect to reduce market risk at a given portfolio yield level.
The largest share of the portfolio consists of first-class shares of the US stock market (on average 40%) and shares of the second echelon of emerging markets in Russia, India, and China (an average of 20%).
The rest of the portfolio will be distributed among high-yield assets in the market of crypto-currencies and venture investments in start-ups with a yield of 100% per annum.

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To launch DivM Group project is scheduled to issue DIVM tokens on the platform Waves ( in the amount of 7,000,000 without additional emission.
90% of the sales of tokens will go to the development of DivM Group project.
We will reserve 7.5% for the management of the Сompany, another 2.5% will be distributed among Bounty participants.
During the Token Sale period, the sales of DIVM tokens will pass through a dynamic multi-stage scheme that largely reflects the market pricing mechanism with direct regulation by the project management.
The price for DIVM tokens during Token Sale will gradually increase from $ 0.01 to $ 0.8. Sales at the next stage start after satisfying the entire volume of demand for the previous one.
Token Sale will be conducted until the last level of sales or the planned amount of fees.
Thus, buyers who participated in the first levels, can become full holders of DIVM, buying a crypto currency is orders of magnitude cheaper than market prices.
Here is the Token Sale scheme:

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DivM Group project will develop in the Token Sale process to achieve significant levels, thereby stimulating further growth in the price of tokens and the development of DivM Group.
Below is an approximate, consolidated development plan (the beginning and the end of key stages may not coincide with the sales levels):

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The investment company DivM Group provides highly qualified services in the field of joint investment in securities, currencies, Internet projects, venture projects.
Our company uses a combination of different types of investments to achieve high potential returns with moderate risks.
Our investment approach is a thorough economic analysis of global trends, financial analytics and valuation of investment objects, diversification of the portfolio according to modern theory.

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