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(@---UP{my main o.c}DATE----@)
name: Alexsandra Roseana Dragnell(aka: alexs dragnell)
age: unknown
likes: cake(who the hell doseint right?! XD),training,guild jobs(ones she dose by her self mainly),her books,her dragon(s) and her magic
dislikes: her annoying brother(s),win she hits her arm(s) or leg(s) with her sword(s),win shes attacked,demon(s)[only win there the enamey],trying to be found by her home(dragonsreach)and fighting between friends/family members. bio: she was once the princss of dragonreach and she was a kind sweet harted girl she was cute in every ones eyes one day after her father wint off to do stuff for there allince the humans wear one there way to there port in dragonsreach that night she was out in the gardens playing her violin she drowned the screeming and crashes shots and all the sounds of war out and she was in a transe with her eyes closed and after she finished she was capshuerd by them and put in to a cage like the queen and king dragon and after that night all the prisuners wear cahned to the ground out side the casle and there wear two stages one tinyer then other and then thay knew that the king queen and princess wear about to be killed in frunt of there eyes and the humans put the king and queen in the nuses and then puts me on the other stage at the guillotine and thay hung them and before thay let the blade down i desapered and now i'm in the human side of are relm and i look like them and i'm in the guild in magnola named fairy tail.
guild(home and presint day): Fariy tail
guild mark locashon: right sholder blade
guild mark color(s): rainbow(it changes depinding on my mood)
hobbie(s): singing,dancing,reading,drowing and makeing armer and swords.
armer(s): dragons hevy armer,elven acher armer,fairy hevy armer,mage dress chloths,fire dragons power armer, demon sekeer armer and goddess of space and lights armer(the 6th elamint armer)
magic uses(?): dragon magic,dragon slayer magic,transfromashon magic,reqipt magic,demon magic,cruse magic,blessing magic,aora magic,eye magic(it lets me use a lot of other magics in my eyes at defrint times),mind munipulashon magic and rage magic.
family: older brother(natsu{alive}) older brother(zeref{alive}) birth mother(dead) step mother(dead) father(dead) step father(dead)
friends/rivles: gray(friend) juva(friend) gajeel(friend) levy(friend) mirajaine(friend) erza(friend/rivle{more friend then rivle}) 
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me my angle(s) and demon are staring at one anuther in the sky and i'm in dragon form with fire dragon power armer and sword in my hand and my demon has her demon swords in hand and my angle(s) have there speres and bows in hand me: ok whats going on between you three!? and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FIGHTING ECHOTHER!!? asreal: in a female worror voice becuse shes a demon and shes trying to make anouth one to mach me and crissa in a fight. me: IDC!! ATLEST SHE'LL STAY OFF YOU'ER FLIPING ASSES!!! crissa: hump i canda like fighting dramas. asreal: same and we team up and its more powerful then her. me: ok this is reallt cunfuseing me and pissing me off but what ever. and dreama yes you can make a new demon i'll host her for you if you want. dreama ok thanks AL!! hugs me git off of me demon!! she lets go and the three of them start traning togither and i land and makes my swords desaper and i fold my wings in and i walk in to the guild hall and i smile yo guys.(open rp YES YOU CAN JOIN DAMMIT DON'T ASK ME FOR PRMISHON THAT GITS ANNOYING FAST!!! X-_-XXX)

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hi soooo hears my o.c's prof
basic info: shes 6"9 she loves her guns swords and other stuff like that and she loves Cake(who doseint right?) shes a bit shy and weard at frist becuse we naver met jest yet but after gitting to knowher she can be a lot like her brothers but with her own prsanalaty mixed in.
likes and dislikes: she hates loseing to her old rivle now friend gin layla (shes a nuther o.c that i made for my o.c's back story and i changed the real carictors of fairy tails story a little bit but kept it the same in a way) she hates it win she gits hit on by her friend alex clive (he was going to be tora's brother and be changed in to that but nu any ways) and she hates her self and her sinses.
magic:shes a dragon slayer (she knows all most all of them becues she travled a lot and met with the dragons and lurned a lot from them and she doseint know agnaloga's magic yet she wants to thow she got her arm and leg riped off by hem) and a trandsfromashon magic user and shes has lost "lost"magics.
cloths: black high helled boots(can go down n there own win shes running to help her run faster) gun holsters (thay hold her 4 guns on to her boots) a short vest (it looks a lot like natsu's )a black straplis bra(its fary helpful to win shes running away and it's brethabul) a split skrit with gray long pants.(it's not natsu its fashon XD) black bows (weeellllllll there jest there) her wristband (it's jest there too) her brown belt (it holds her not in use shit she has on her at the momint and its grate to use win shes falling behined Jest drag her in the dracshon you want. XD wow thats mean.)
bio: loooooong story really.(she really hates telling it and i really don't want to put something her becues its to long all ready so SKIP###>>)
single or takein?: shes single and she will look for a boy but not despritly and she will not becume her mother peried(even thow she all ready have)
relatevs: brothers (alive{both}) mouther (dead {in her heart too}) father(dead{in her heart still alive but she knows hes really dead}) step mother(dead) step father (dead{both in her mind and heart})
rivles?: none that i can think of
friends?:all most every one in fairy tail and some old friends from her old guild(blue fairy).
guild mark: fairy tail
guild mark locashon: on her right arm's sholder.
guild mark color: RAINBOW
thats all on my o.c for now i'll update it win i see fit/needed for it BYE!!!
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hay Huuuuuge ?,do i have to have to make my o.c on hear?

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Is walking around Tenrou island when you...(+Imani Firegen)

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Is walking towards my castle when you...(Closed to +Ash Williams) 

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Name: imani firegen
Age: 20
Magic: fire dragon slayer magic
Weapons: swords katana
Crush: natsu dragoneel
Sexuality: straight
Personally: kind of a loner is. Shy around natsu and trys to talk about the others push me away from natsu and I'm mostly smile alot but I don't talk much
Likes: to hang out with natsu and other guild members but not that much
Dislikes: hates if anyone hurts natsu or guild
I try to talk to natsu but I get to shy and I hide behind a tree and I get disappointed in my self and I think to my self why would he go out with me im weak 😒 wait no I'm not all I have to do is train *natsu sees me and says hello and I look at him and I blush madly and then he says anyone want to role play with me

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Profile template
Name: Drake blaze
Related to:
Age: 21
Species: human dragon hybrid
Magic: spirit healing (she can heal herself or others using her spirit energy)
Weapons: a magic sword
Sexuality: pansexual (doesn't care about gender)
Relationship status: single
Crush: open
Bio: she was not born, she was created a sorceress created her using half of her soul and that of a dragon. She has little memory of her past. She tuff as nails at times, but also sweet. She is loyal and protective of those close to her
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Is walking towards my house when you...(Open rp)

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