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Hello, everyone! My name is Cookies 'n Créme, but you may call me "Hannah!" I hope everyone that is new has read the rules, and if you haven't; please do so before posting. If anyone has any questions, don't be shy to ask me them! :)

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What do y'all think of this random chapter I'm writing? (Yes, this is a Skillet fanfic) (If anyone is reading it, please don't read this if you want spoilers)

Rise-Chapter ???

Korey’s POV

I held John’s head in my lap as he snored peacefully. I started to stroke his dark, Brunette hair smiling a bit; Knowing that he was fine, for now at least. “Korey, what happened back there? One minute, John was all grins and such; The next he was screaming his head off saying, ‘Lucy, I’m sorry I let this happen to you; Please forgive me!’ over and over again.” Seth stated. I bit my lip in worry and thought, “Would John be mad at me? He wouldn’t, would he?” I sighed, and continue to stroke his hair to calm myself.

“Please don’t tell him I said this, but…” I paused, taking in a deep breath. “I think John has PTSD.” I said, nervously. “Why?” Jen asked, raising her face to look at my own intently. “Because, he’s been acting like this ever since we escaped the facility that was experimenting on us eight years ago; And it’s gotten worse by time. He doesn’t want to believe me though.” I explained to them. “Has he acted in other ways that could be symptoms of it?” Jen asked. “Well, he’s acted agitated at times, for reasons I can’t explain; Has insomnia, and even nightmares at times when he sleeps; Has panic attacks, like the one he had earlier; He talks to himself while I’m sleeping talking about how he has guilt; Has isolated himself from me at times, and we were forced to stay where we were for days; And has flashbacks at times.” I said, giving out a whole list of symptoms of PTSD.

“Interesting, how do you think he got it?” Jen asked. I let out a sigh. “Well, it started years ago; Before this ordeal started…”


John’s POV

    I stood outside of the sanctuary doors greeting people with my dad and Ben. Pastor Mike came up to the two of us with a young woman about my age, closely following him. He then proceeded to shake hands with me. “John, Ben; I’d like to introduce you to Korine. She just moved from Wisconsin with her parents. I was wondering if you’d like to show her around.” He said. I looked at the new girl with interest. She seemed nervous, twirling her light Brown hair. “Sure.” I agreed. Ben and I then proceeded to show Korine around the church. Even though, she hadn’t talked to any of us yet, I could tell she was getting less nervous as time went on.

“And this is where we have our Sunday School.” I said as we walked in. “Hello!” A familiar voice greeted. A flash of Blonde flashed before my eyes as I was scooped up and bear hugged tightly. I heard Ben laugh to himself. “L-Lori...air...please…” I said, struggling. “Whoops! Sorry, John.”  Lori apologized, chuckling. “Ooh, who’s this?!” Lori asked walking up to Korine. “Her name is-” “Korine.” Ben was cut off by an unfamiliar voice. “It’s Korine.” Korine said. “It’s nice to meet you, Korine!” Lori said, ecstatically.

“You can just call me, ‘Korey’ if you’d like.” Korine said, chuckling. “Alright! Anyway, I'm Lori; And I see you've already met John and Ben.” Lori said.

We then talked for what seemed like an eternity; Missing church while we were at it. But, for some odd reason I didn't care. While Ben was talking, I looked over at a smiling Korey. “Man, I don't know what it is about her; But she looks so ho- WAIT, what am I thinking?! I...I can't think this way about her; Especially after that commitment I made a couple weeks ago!” I thought, yet I continued to stare at her, like as if I had no control over my actions.

I then a punch hard enough to drive me out of my thoughts. I then saw Lori laughing, with Ben having a smug look on his face. “What was that for?!” I asked, rubbing my back. “Dude, church has been over for 30 minutes; I think it’s time to get home. I need to finish packing my stuff.” Ben said. Crap, I forgot Ben was leaving for medical school tomorrow; Man, I was gonna miss him. “Alright; See you guys tomorrow?” I said. “Yeah.” Ben replied as he left the room. I was on my way out with Korey, when I felt a nudge on my shoulder. “I saw the looks you were giving Korey; If you feel as if you want to commit to her, I think it would be awesome!” Lori said with a wink.

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Hi, I'm new! If anyone likes writing fan fiction or original stories with others, I'll gladly join! I love writing with others!

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When you're bored and you now have motivation to continue your story after dreaming up ideas; But you just pre-write a chapter 12 or so chapters before it should be written because you feel like it (This is for "Rise" BTW, and major SPOILERS are in this if you're reading it)

Rise-Chapter ?????

"Curiosity killed the Cat."

Jen's POV

While John and Korey were gone, I started to grow a bit restless. Quietly sighing; I got up, being careful not to wake up Seth. I walked out of the tent and silently stood for a bit, thinking of what to do with myself since I was now up. "I wonder what's in John's journal...." A random thought that came up said. I got my lip at the thought. "He wouldn't like that though. But then again, it wouldn't be the end of the world; That practically already happened...." As my conscience had a battle with itself, I started to distract myself with taking a little walk to try and think things through a bit more clearly.

After a couple minutes, I spotted a small creek. "Maybe that'll clear my thoughts." I thought to myself. I then walked over to it. I bent down, formed a cup in my hands, then scooped some water up in my hands, and drank it. I sighed in relief and smiled a bit as the chilly water went down my throat. "Much better". I stood back up, and walked back to camp. As I was walking, it began to snow; That wasn't surprising, saying it was under 10° at the moment.

I then started to have an uneasy feeling, like as if someone was watching me. I began to quicken my pace as my breathing started to quicken. The feeling only grew worse though. As I got farther from the creek, my running and my breathing paces got faster; And because of the pitch black darkness, I couldn't tell where I was, or where I was going! I gave a deep sigh as I ran; I knew I should've brought my flashlight!

I then felt a strange lurch in my stomach as I felt the ground disappear from underneath me. After a couple seconds, I then felt myself hit the ground with a "thud."


What happened? Where....why....? I thought to myself as I was met with darkness in my vision. I stayed still as I tried to collect what had just happened. How long have I been gone? Where are the others? Were only some of the questions that came to my mind. I then let out a scream as I tried to move. A sharp pain has gone through my leg; It was broken. "Oh, Lord, am I gonna die?"

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(Re-Post because of grammar errors I just noticed)

Rise-Chapter One: Scavenging (A/n: There will be several references to Christianity in this book. If you cannot stand their beliefs at all, then I recommend not reading this)

Eight years later....

John's POV

The continuous sound of boots crunching against the ground filled my ears as both me and my wife, "Korey" walked along what used to be a stretch of highway. We had only begun walking 6 hours ago, but it had seemed like an eternity since then. I glanced at Korey, her eyes had bags under them; and the sun was just about to start setting.

"We're almost there. See?" I pointed towards to what was the remains of a skyscraper. It wasn't so old that it would collapse, but it did show some wear and tear in it from the lack of maintenance and such. "Thank God for that." Korey said, trying her best to smile. A few minutes later, we were at the entrance of the once busy building. I walked in first, making sure the coast was clear inside. Once I scanned the area, I signaled Korey to come in. As Korey came in, I swing the bookbag that was on my shoulders off of me, and placed the it on the ground. I opened it up, and took out two flashlights. After I swing the bag back over my shoulder, I handed a flashlight to Korey. Soon, the two of us were making our way deeper into the once-beautiful skyscraper.

After a few minutes, we found ourselves in what used to be an office. The two of us turned our flashlights on and started to look around for anything that was useful. I glanced up at a shelf that that had miscellaneous items sitting on it. I reached up for a box of matches that had been placed on the top shelf. I took a match out to see if it and the other matches would work. I struck the match on the side of the box and it lit up. "Great, now we don't have to start a fire with two sticks for once if we have to sleep outside." I thought as I placed the box of matches in my bag. Korey and I continued to search the old office building for any other supplies for several minutes.

I peered out the window and was met with a setting sun. I turned to Korey who was just putting something in her bag and said, "Looks like we're going to stay here for the night." "Alright, that's fine with me." Korey said, swinging her bag off her shoulders. She bent down and took a lantern out of the bag and turned it on. Korey and I took out our almost worn out sleeping bags and placed them on the ground next to each other. Korey placed the lantern between the two of us after we both got into our "beds." "So, you gonna pray tonight?" Korey asked. "Sure," I replied with ease. "Dear, Lord, please keep us safe tonight as we rest. Please let the night get over with so we can be on our way in the morning. We ask all of this in your name, amen." I leaned over to Korey and kissed her on her lips. "Night, Korey." "Night, John; I love you." "I love you too, Korey." After Korey fell asleep, I reached over into my bag and pulled out a journal with a pen. I jotted some stuff down in it, and then put the journal and pen back inside the bag. I then fell into a deep sleep once my head hit the floor.

Dream Begin

Two boys sat on a swing set next to each other. One older looking boy had headphones on, blocking out any sound from the outside world. The other boy who seemed younger was writing some stuff down in a notepad. The older boy took off his headphones and asked, "Why do you keep writing in that notepad of your's?" "I'm doing it for scientific reasons, John. Why?" The younger boy replied. "Well, I was just wonderin'." The boy apparently named, "John" said. "By the way, could I see that for a minute?" "Sure." The younger boy said holding out the notepad. John flipped through the pages; in that notebook were different equations and other scientific mumbo jumbo he didn't understand. "Cool..." John said with a shrug as he handed the notes back to the younger boy. "John, thank you." The younger boy said. "For what?" John asked. "For being my friend. No one else gets me like you do." The younger boy replied. "You're welcome, Ben."

Dream End

I woke up with a start to the sound of metal hitting the ground. I scrambled out of the makeshift bed, got my flashlight out of my bag, then turned it on since it was still dark outside. I looked over to where Korey was who was also woken up. "Korey, did you hear that?" I asked. "Yeah, do you think it was a-" Before Korey could say anything else, we both saw what looked like the silhouette of a person in front of us who was hunched over. The "person" emitted a low moan as it started to slowly walk towards us.

"John, you know what to do," Korey said as she flung our bags over her shoulders. I sprinted up to the zombie-like person and started to throw punches and kick at it. After a few minutes, the zombie gave up and went it's own way. "We should leave; It's probably going to come back with, "friends." Korey suggested. I nodded in return, and we soon we went our way. Soon after we got the first floor of the building, we heard yet another sound that sounded like metal hitting the ground; This time it seemed nearer, whereas last time it sounded like an echo. I then stopped as I saw another silhouette in front of us. This one though, wasn't hunched over and wasn't giving out any groans. I cautiously walked up to it and asked, "Who are you?"

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Currently writing chapter two.

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Corroded: Wear and Tear

Ethan's POV

It's been a couple weeks after what happened over the phone. "Get out of L.A, and stay away from me! Echoed in my head as I leaned back in my chair. At this point, I hadn't listened to him and didn't leave; not knowing to explain my current predicament to Mark, Tyler, Amy, and the others. I sighed, lying my head on the desk in front of me. I felt as if I was forgetting something, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I then yelped as a sharp pain went through my right hand. I sucked in a sharp breath as I tried to ease the pain. I panted as I looked down to see what had happened. I froze at the sight, knowing what I had forgotten about: It was way past my bi-monthly repairs, and I was already showing wear and tear. I held my hand up to the light to get a better look at it. I sighed in relief, to my knowledge it wasn't that noticeable from the looks of it; But when would it start to get noticed?

I looked down at the phone in front of me, pondering whether to call my dad or not. "Don't call me either, and if I call you: Don't answer!" Echoed through my head. I couldn't just let this happen either.

What am I gonna do with myself?

(So this was a chapter I had written for Corroded/Project: C. I'd like to know your thoughts on it!) (Art found here: )

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Remember this? well, I found a chapter I had pre-written; would you like to see it?
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