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I call in the director when...

As I walk to my cabin I hear a noise

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name: wrath
son of: ares
camp: ares
sister +Allison Chang 
age: 17
likes: war, chaos, girls, blood
dislikes: peace

I sit in my cabin playing music when you come in

runs around as a wolf cub in a field with my necklace around me no one can see me

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Hi I'm new here! My name is Louisa Hall
I'm the daughter of Athena
Skills: mind reading, super speed, and super smarts
My favorite colors are purple and blue, sometimes pink and green
My eye color is blue
My hair color is blond
My weapon is a celestial bronze dagger
What else do you want to know about
me and what exactly do I do around
here besides get to know people and
+Annabeth Chase

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Child of((or cabin)):Ares(Greek)/Mars(Roman)God of War
Likes: Swords,Shields,The Forest,Fire,& War
Dislikes:Ice,Talking about the past,& Staying in one place
strengths:Fast,Strong,& Swords & Shields
weakness:What you crazy why wold I tell you my weakness & its Ice
Cunning,Escape Artist,& Never Backs Down
Appearance:Look Down
Weapon of Choice: Molothoch the Siaye(Sword)Shield Pendant Dark Gate(Shield)((Note on my Shield I push the stone in the mild to use it))Skills:Sword & Shield Skill's>Skilled
Pet:Arkbite The Wolf
ADHD & Dyslexia Problems:A lot of ADHD but almost no Dyslexia
My Code:Protect My Family,Honor The Elders,Teach The Young,Be Loyal To My Friends,Voice My Opinion,Stand My Ground,Take Charge When Others Show Weakness,Play When I Can,Work When I Must,And Always Leave My Mark
What I Stand For: Justice,Honesty,Tolerance,Wisdom,Fairness,
Loyalty,Cooperation,And Above All Else Friendship
Favorite Phase:It is in my nature to be Kind,Gentle,and Loving But Know This:When it comes to matters of protecting my family,my friends,and my heart,do not trifle with me, for I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.
((The Wolf Spirt))
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Name Homura Akemi
Age 13
Gender Female
Godly Parent Hades
Powers Time Magic, and can rise the dead
Weapons Bow and arrows (photo), pistol, grenades, bombs, bazooka, and shield (storage and time device)
Strengths Her brain
Weaknesses Her emotions
Likes Tea, and sweets
Dislikes Sadness
Personality Mostly quiet, but sweet, is also easy to be angered
Bio Doesn't tell anyone. All anyone knows is that it is filled with pain, sorrow, and regret.
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QUEST RPG +Annabeth Johansson. +Cure Heart

Quest info: bring Snow and save Wave from being killed. And stop Snow from trying to destroy the world. Kill the devil and retrieve "her"

Due date: finish quest by Feb 28
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