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Name: Goki
Species: Scrafty
Gender: Male
age:  19
Level: 46
likes: Causing mischief, human food, shiney objects , beating up trainers and their pokemon,  Rain ,  being alone , human accessories, and music
Dislikes: Loud noises , trainers , pokemon the happily follower trainers, poffins or artificial pokemon  food, it's space being invaded , His food being stolen, continuously being bothered, and tea.
Bio: When Goki was young both his family and friends were caught by trainers and taken away from him. He spent the rest of his years raining and fighting against any trainer he could not only to defeat them but stop them from catching pokemon in his territory.

Name-Amber. species- dark Latias. gender-female. age-18. level-86. likes-fun,diving in the water. dislikes-rude pokemon, people wanting to catch me. story-unknown.

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((Just doing it because everyone else is its make a character month))

Name: Lilipup

Age: 5

moves: keeps his moves a secret all we know is that he knows protect and also all the fire type moves PCs

Gender: male

Interest: straight even though he is not even old enough to have any but who cares he thinks is the game anyway

Species: the puppy dog Pokemon

Hometown: unknown

Appearance: a normal one but might sometimes glow with void energy or if he gets angry while wearing a top hat he will start illuminating with fire in his eyes

Likes: everything almost everything

Dislikes: almost everything

Personality playful, cute, highly energetic, can get sad easily, mostly relies on other people to help him

Corrupted or not: I guess you can say he is because he has too curses

Story: not knowing his parents very well one day he wandered off and found himself in front of a void portal after stepping in there he was led to a house by group of Snivys and after figuring out what dose Snivys wanted he ran in a room and that's where he met Snivy Turner and after he saved him Lillipup became part of the family but then after a couple of months there he does sometimes wander off outside the void and he accidentally stumbled upon something he should have never done and got cursed by s nine tails the curse was a gift and a curse he gets the a bility to have full control over fire and sometimes even become fire itself but he constantly has to steal the fire essence out of fire types to live and then his other workers is that he has a top hat that has a braxen inside it she is easily able to militate him but he trusts her more than his family members so now he is living with two curses

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Name: Pearl

Species: Sylveon

Gender: female

Age: 20

Level: 30

Moveset: helping hand, fairy wind, draining kiss, light screen

Personality: helpful, kindhearted, patient,

Likes: sweets, berries, cute pokemon, nice pokemon and people, swimming

Dislikes: meanies, bitter and sour things, people who hurt pokemon

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Likes:female Sceptiles
Bio:spent whole life fighting

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