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Quote: I am who I am. Your Approval Is not needed

Name:  Mara Wolfe

Age:  16

House:  Slytherin

Personality:  Mean, Arrogant, Rude, Regretful sometimes

Crush/BF:  Draco Malfoy

Likes:  Slytherins, DADA,

Dislikes:  The Golden Tro,Dumbledore,


1. Dont control other peoples Profiles

2. I'm not going to ban you from saying a few Basic swear words, but nobody likes to see it constantly

3. Kissing,Hugging and showing love Is allowed In this Community

4. Dont Ask to be MOD

5. You can make your own characters or you can be ones JK rowling made

6. You can have upto three characters

7. You can make as many Roleplays as you want

8. No spam or unrelated Posts

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