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Target reached in 55 minutes. Thank you so much!

PS. Note that you who have asked for the second printing of the Core Rulebook can pledge for it at a reduced price (the reward level Wrath Guard). Ds.
The Karvosti Kickstarter is now live. Any help and support we can get in continuing to develop the game and the setting is warmly welcome. Please help us spread the word. Thanks!

I'm puzzled by the name Nightpitch when doing some translation for my PCs. The mayor got the name because of the cure to Queen's mother, but as a non native English speaker, I can't grasp the meaning of it. Anyone bothers to shed some light ? Thank you!

Because of the topic I think it's fair to put a minor SPOILER-warning her.

The creators seem to be very open with the idea that it's your game to change as you see fit and the rules are written in a very open way. (And causing some debate about semantics and definitions at G+ and reddit as far as I've seen)

So, as the game and it's expansions have been out for a while I thought it would be interesting to ask: What are your game tweaks and houserules?

To get the ball rolling I'll admit to mine:

No Trolls, Dwarves, Elves or Undead as player characters. (but most of them exist in the world - except the civilized Trolls, Fu** that Sh**)

no Dark Blood.

I require reasons beyond 'I want more points' for burdens to be allowed- but encourage it.

I discourage Sorcery, Symbolism and Untrained mystics - but don't ban it.

All form of crafting except alchemy in the game is ignored.

I recently made a flat rule saying that without Beast Lore or similiar knowledge all forms of mental spells (Bind Will and Confusion for example) targeting monsters, undead or other weird things that the character has no previous insight into it's mind get a -2 on the roll on top.

I track ammunition and the cost of beer and bread, but I don't think I'm stingy with rewards.

I don't track metres, inches, grids, hexes or any form of measurment beyond "yes, you can reach him and make an attack this round"/"No, you'll have to use Your whole round to reach him" and "she is within range of your bow/spell"

I seldom let my players convince me to let them use their favorite stat when I've already stated the roll, It's not a dumpstat if you never roll it.

I require characters to find trainers for some abilities (Loremaster is an example), especially the first level.

I probably do other minor tweaks without noticing, but all in all I like to believe (don't we all) that I run the game pretty RAW.

What are your changes, and why?

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I wrote a review of the game over at my site. With an impending move, I'm considering running a campaign.


I see (I think I see, because I don't understand :P) that Swedish version uses meters instead of feet and probably kilograms instead of pounds. How should I convert this into metric system? For example Robust first rank in Symbaroum app in Swedish version is almost 2 meters tall so close to seven feet tall, 1 m would be ~3,5 feets?

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This art gives me a very strong Symbaroum vibe. Every year they place artwork in the creek that runs through my home town.

How do people feel about homebrew settings & locations using Symbaroum? Has anyone come up with new locations based in the world of Symbaroum, or applied the rules to a completely new setting?

All my Symbaroum experience thus far has been playing it in a homebrew setting for a game that was previously a Pathfinder game, and it's worked surprisingly well! I've been thinking of sharing some of the material I brewed for it, or even doing a series of campaign write-ups if there's enough interest.

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Deep thought on the next move as we slide toward the close of Longcon Symbaroum day #1.

That's about 8 or 9 hours of gaming today, broken up with stops only for food, toilet breaks, and a moment of inexplicable nausea.

Looking forward to tomorrow! 


a question about acrobatics. Will this work also against free attacks from long weapons? I don't think so.

+Symbaroum Team

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Symbaroum inspired artwork...
First time using google+ so I'm not sure if there is a certain etiquette to be used here, but I figure I will break the ice with a piece of artwork of mine that will be used for my upcoming RPG, Xas Irkalla.
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