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The Symbaroum Campaign I—A review of Thistle Hold – Wrath Of The Warden, the inaugural part of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns, the seven-part campaign for Symbaroum, the Swedish near-Dark Ages fantasy roleplaying game published by Järnringen and Modiphius Entertainment.
The Symbaroum Campaign I
The Symbaroum Campaign I

I wonder how you marked in your core rulebooks references to errata?
I searching some simple and elegant way to do this.
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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Casualties of The Great War

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Some very sweet Symbaroum goodies just showed up at my door. +All Rolled Up Symbaroum messenger bag to hold my books, and the matching all rolled up and dice tray.

All Rolled Up: don’t leave Davokar without it!
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Sorry if someone posted about it but I cannot find anything about Symbaroum Discord channel. Is there any good?

Some questions from a beginner:

1. How does robust factor into damage effects like from the master level of curse (where every action hurts the character by 1d6) or falling damage?

2. In the rulebook there are rules for acid and fire damge. Are there any special rules relating to other elements?

3. What are "unholy" attacks? Are there actually monsters that do this kind of attack?

Thank you!!

Ok 3 more newbie questions - only 3 this time I swear ...

First ... Defensive fighting ? I see the rules on special maneuvers - disengaging causing a free attack, unless the attack action is used as the movement; flanking gives an advantage, etc. However, is there a rule (either by the book or a good house rule for it) for fighting defensively ?

Say for someone that gives up their attack, or takes an increase of difficulty on their attack for an increased defense. Or say for a shield man with good AC (sorry defense) fighting defensively to help protect his peer to his side or behind him (a Viking shield wall scenario or Greek phalanx, with a lighter armored spearman using the shield man in from as defense and attacking past him)

Second ... purifying yourself to remove shadow corruption. Is there any way to remove shadow corruption ? I know there is temporary that goes away over time . However, is there a way to reduce permanent corruption ?

Something like purification ritual, a meditation, a geas etc. Of course it would be long and difficult and not a light task or oath. I do see the purging fire, but that is for the priest himself alone. Is there one others or non priest?

Third ... (and last for now) is there a list of abilities and the attributes they are tied to or apposed to, or a list of attributes and the abilities that are tied to ? That or is there a list of the average normal actions and the associated test -

I know sneaking is discrete vs vigilance and a few others. However, I doubt I'd be able to think of them off the top of my head in the middle of the game if I'm ever able to talk the group I game with into playing Symbaroum

Ok, another newbie question about mystical powers. When you create a mystical archetype character, and take the associated mystical ability, how many powers do you get for a new character ?

Well I guess more than 1 more newbie question ...

Is there any where that shows a normal progression of a generic character, or where an experienced character is contrasted with a new one ? I can see all the pre gen characters, and the 'human adversaries' in the monster section, etc, and they all seem to be lower level. Is there anywhere that has an experienced character with increased abilities etc ?

That was I can see what a starting character is like and then what one would be at mid level. I know it will be fluid on advancement and up to player choices. But a general bread crumb trail might help me picture the development of the character better understand the game progression.

Oh yeah, back to the mystical powers question, witch hunter and ritualist , what mystical tradition do they use ? if it is not part of a tradition, and therefore earns him permanent corruption each time he learns one, isn't it self defeating with the person hunting down the corrupted slowly doomed to be corrupted themselves ? Also, aren't there mystic powers that would benefit them instead of just slow time consuming rituals ?
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