attempt 1: dear celestia what is it like ta bo ratolty .......


attempt 2: dear princess celestia , what is it like to be a god/goddess?

Dear Princess Celestia, can you please turn down the heat?! Its the middle of August and it shouldn't be in the mid-90's. We lost power Thursday night due to a twister that knocked down power lines. The power came back Friday evening and we were burning. If you can do that, I'd be glad.

Oologah Northern Railroad

Dear princess Luna, the moon has been taken over by the North Korean government

Princess Twilight, I just wonder since Rainbow Dash has been in a Death Battle, who do you think would win between you and Harry Potter?

Dear Princess sun but, is it true you like mmmmmmmmm bananas?

Dear Princess Celestia I learned a great value of friendship friends can guide you to the battlefield that you are facing they can also let you know that you're not alone you're not the only one who struggle Through Time and difficulties and you give your friends a chance you can win even though that you are alone you're not alone I also learned that no matter how difficult it is a family relationship friends can be your family too even if you're adopted or you're born they can still be your friend even more your friend Ed plus Summerlin

Dear celestia I learned a valuable lesson about friendship holding on too much Pride could destroy the bond relationship between friends and family war is what divided friends and loses friends you just have to learn to think before you react and when you already won the battle you don't have to keep looking for Revenge no more cuz friends is all you have Revenge that brings misery to destroy the bonding relationship of friendship your friend Ed plus Summerlin

Dear Celestia....
I had learned a valuable lesson about friendship marriage is really challenging but even if you're engaged you can always call your fiance of friend because they still help you inspire even if it's hard I just learned from the side of difficulty For Better or Worse to be as good friend as I am no matter what I'm single or taking married or divorced be a good friend is ours better key to success. your friend.... Ed plus Summerlin

I don't normally write letters....but I'll give it a shot.

Dear want to know if it's alright to enter your kingdom again. I was in there before, but left due to....reasons. I have felt abandoned and lonely in the past, I have found friends now, but I have lost the spirit of friendship. I tried getting it back by myself, but it's been hard. Maybe if I am around your....ponies, then I'll pick up on it again. Thanks for listening....or, reading, in this case.

Mysterious Wolf.

Dear celestia....
I've learned that being in relationship are tough I also learned that as student of friendship you have to give some pony a time even if you have to fight yourself out of the bind situation you must embrace yourself of what you do have and not to take your friends for granted your friend......Ed Plus Summerlin
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