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Name: Nicole
Nickname: pawwolf

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I just want friends :3 and I can't find any good furry pics so here's Gir
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Any single girls wanna date or boys are. Guess and p.s try to flirt with me i love ut when people do that


Hi everyone I am 19 and I'm bi. I live in Pennsylvania.

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Hey guys I'm new here

Name: Scout
Age: 18-20
Gender: Male
Weight: 150 lb
Heingt: 5' 11"
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Hunting, party's, girls,
Personality: he's kind, caring, likes to please others, he's defensive about the ones he cares about, and he tried to be the best he can be.
Videogames, and anything outdoors
Bio: He's a wolf who likes to make a good name for himself and likes to help others and make them feel happy. He can be quite a charmer and likes to spend time with his friends doing random things. He works as a sniper for the navy seals and enjoys his work. He can be a quiet but kind type but he also can be loud and great full. He loves the life he's laid out for him.
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I am looking for a great mate and loving and nice and sweet if you say yes I will pp you and you can try out for being my mate

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Anyone wants to rp with this hunk? (Females only)
Name: Deathstroke
Nicknames: Dak, Drake, or just D
Real name: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Age: Thirty
Sexuality: Usually straight
Species: Fire fox
Siblings: Two sisters and three brothers (names unknown)
Likes: Pizza, other people, bugs, nature, slow and stable relationships, new people, most games, technology, everything to do with heat, fruits, and most Youtubers.
Dislikes: Haters, overzealous religion, bullies, demons, snakes, vegetables, some predators, biased news or officials, douchebags, and water
Abilities: Can control fire, can distort air quantity in most areas, can catch almost anything on fire, can stop anyone in their tracks, has telekinetic powers, and is deadly with any weapon
Preferred weapon: A curved blade with a straight tip and base; also known as a khopesh
Favorite thing: Fire, obviously
Backstory: Grew up in a very nasty neighborhood. His parents, who had no jobs, never fed him, got drunk often, and beat him daily. He would have to find food for himself and his siblings. He ran away from home frequently to get away from life. While he was gone he would play with little flames he created; tossing them here and there. His brothers and sisters were all he had. One day, he and his siblings ran away to an abandoned warehouse - a safe haven that they visited often. But his dad, drunk and furious, followed them. While Dak was grabbing some berries, his dad grabbed his little sister and choked her to death. Dak, enraged, threw himself at his father, and they fell into a pile of sprawling limbs onto the floor. Dak’s father kicked him off him, and in his drunken rage, punched him in the jaw, sending him to the floor. Dak quickly recovered, and using his power, summoned a flame bigger that he ever had. He hurled the huge fireball at his father, instantly vaporizing him. But in using that massive power, Dak passed out. He woke up hours later finding only the burned skeleton of the warehouse left and a piece of rebar in his arm. As he tried to get up, he realized that his leg was broken as well. He walked around, calling for his siblings. About five minutes later, he found a large pile of rubble. He moved it and found his youngest brother under it with a piece of rebar through his gut. He woke up and, after some thorough persuasion, told Dak what had happened. The whole warehouse had caught on fire, trapping everyone inside. He had only survived because the rubble had fallen on him, protecting him from the flames. He had passed out and woke up in severe pain. He was broken and impaled. And that’s when Dak had found him. After telling him what had happened, he started coughing violently and died. With agony glued on his face. Dak limped away, sobbing and fell unconscious near his old home. He woke up in the hospital with his nurse shivering in the corner. As he tried speaking to her, she screamed “El Diablo!” and ran out of the room. He pressed the call button near his bed, but no one came. He eventually got tired of waiting and got out of the bed. He dropped onto the floor groaning and realized that he had a cast on his arm and leg. He crawled to a wheelchair and hoisted himself on. He rolled down the hallway and into the lobby, and everyone ran away from him. He grabbed a newspaper and saw the burned warehouse and saw that he was being held responsible.
There was a list of the dead and he saw his siblings’ names as well as his father’s. He threw the newspaper away in rage and started to leave the hospital. He wheeled away as fast as possible until he was tired. He broke off his casts, and grabbed some berries and fell asleep in the ditch.
He woke up cold and sore, so he created a small fire and roasted some nuts. He painfully hobbled to his chair and sat down. After about ten minutes of rest, he got up and started walking to the next town. No one knows what he did for the next thirteen years, but he came back after that and was immediately known as the gang boss of the town. He then moved to go

((PS: the art is not mine))

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