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Savage So Far...

The beachhead, cave and waterhole, the village, and ziggurate...

1 Hex = roughly a mile, didn't really keep that in mind last session, we were close.

Normal walking in this environment would be a HEX per hour;
Mountains = 1 HEX per Day
Climbing or Descending Steep Terrain = 1 HEX /4hrs
Trail/Scrub/Grasslands/Plains = 1 HEX /2hrs
Jungle = 1 HEX /3hrs
Dense Jungle = 1HEX /4hrs

Normally 8 hours in this environment would constitute a long day, pushing beyond that would require SAVE vs  & might incur penalties...

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Savage Isles Saturday Night!

Who's with me?

Is Savage Isles happening tonight? Haven't seen any posts all week

Hey Guys Im new to Dungeon D and P&P games in general, could someone walk me through what I need to get up and running for the next Saturday Night game?

Talents & Trades


This Is A Set Of Talents & Trades That May Be Acquired Using Development Points While Playing BareBones RPG
(Please note this is optional and use is determined by your GM)

Certain t&t have prerequisites that must be acquired before the t&t in question can be learned. In all such cases, the prerequisite(s) must be learned first; i.e., a t&t and its listed prerequisite can not be acquired simultaneously.

Types of Talents & Trades

Common Abilities: Abilities which all characters possess to some degree.
Background T&T: Abilities learned as a result of the characters up-bringing.
Art & Sciences: T&T learned through formal study.
Rogue Prowess: T&T generally associated with rogues, thieves and scoundrels.
Performing T&T: Talents used by entertainers of various sorts.
Combat T&T: Weapon & Weaponless fighting techniques.
Woodlore Skills: T&T commonly associated with wilderness survival and exploration.
Dungeoneering: T&T commonly associated with dungeon delving or underdark exploration.

I will post this guide up in the next day or two after I finish converting it to BB

Sorry folks I keep forgetting this is Easter weekend, I am going to have to postpone Saturday nights game until the following Saturday, April 6th.

Have a great weekend!

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Savage Isles Tonight - Where The Jungle Meets The Sea...

9:30 EST 

Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, you quickly discover you are not alone.
Join other castaways in their quest to escape the isle as you reveal the evil secrets possessing this tropical paradise. Collect the necessary tools & resources and break the wicked curse, or become the island’s next victim.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip 
That started from a tropic port aboard a sailing ship. 

The weather started getting rough, the mighty ship was tossed, 
If not for the courage of a fearless few, everyone would be lost... 

Several castaways washed up on an uncharted desert isle 

With Mustafar, Jus too, 
The grumpy dwarf and a rogue or two, 
The ships cook, and 1 crew. 
Here on Savage Isles. 

So this is the tale of the castways, 
They're here for a long, long time, 
They'll have to make the best of things, 
It's an uphill climb. 

No food, no beds, no amenities, 
Not a single luxury, 
Like Robinson Crusoe, 
As primative as can be. 

So join us here each week my friends, 
You're sure to get a smile, 
From severa stranded castways, 
Here on the "Savage Isles."

Cast of Characters Tonight -

+Larry Moore as Mustafar the Great - A Showman to say the least. Mustafar is/was part of the Karnival Krewe, a touring band of professional Entertainers. 
+Bryan Meadows as Jus. The Right Man In The Wrong Place! Jus Becasue
+Lisa Woodward as "Val"encia - A Cunning Procurement Artist. Crowbar in hand, there's not a lock she can't pick!
+Charles W  as Boerz Deeptracker - A no-nonsense, grizzled dwarven tracker. "rackin' frackin'... "

A new castaway that just washed up;
+Melisa Kaye as the elf Luthien, she's a self described "Champion of Flora & Fuana". 

POST Up If Interested!

If your new & want to play, You'll need a 1st Level BareBones Character Created Using The Core Rules.


Downloads -->
There are fillable PDF sheets, Players Aids and all kinds of goodies to help you get started.

A Nice NPC Generator To Help You Get Started or Give You Ideas -->

Any questions, comments, concerns? Please post up!!!

+Nate Stewart Giving Up On Us? Or Prior Commitments?

+Ryan Dolinsky ? No Savage Isles For You Either?

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The Cast of Characters 

Meet Brenna

Brenna is the dwarven cook from the Fortune Hunter. She is tough but not foolish. Brandishing a menacing cleaver she aims to make this place as hospitable as she can while shes here. She's building a camp, cleaning up the beach, keeping the bonfire going. 

* She needs firewood and food  

#SavageIsles   #BBFRPG   #RPG   #CastofCharacters   #NPC  

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The Cast of Characters

Meet Areanna Windsong

Areanna was a passenger on the Fortune Hunter. She washed ashore with Brenna and immediately assumed the mantle of explorer. She has been slowly scouting the area. She is resourceful, especially hunting local prey like birds & monkeys. She was trapped by a large group of Throgs moving back into a set of caves in the morning after there nocturnal hunt. Luckily another group of castaways stumbled upon her in time to help. She is now content to patrol the trail and shore, hunting along the way...

* She patrols the mountain trail  

#SavageIsles    #BBFRPG     #RPG     #CastofCharacters     #NPC  
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