((Anyone wanna rp?)) Hidenkakit was walking around the Thunderclan camp, tonight was her 6th moon and she was very excited, but right now it was daylight time so she was just walking around and occasionally pouncing on a leaf, being a carefree kit like always. Her fluffy white tail swayed in the breeze as she grinned, "Hehe got ya!" She said as she pounced on another leaf pretending it was a mouse. 

Name: Ravenkit, later on Ravenflame
Rank: Loner
Appearance: Jet black cat with splash of white on his chest, eyes are yellow and red, white paws, ad larger than normal teeth, very sharp. Also very small tom.
Clan: Later on Thunderclan
Age: 5 moons
Kin: None, all dead or unknown
History: Born into kittypet family, thrown in river for weird eyes but survived. Distrustful and bitter and angry tom most of the time, but can be very sweet once you get to know him. At two moons, he was adopted by a lone wolf, finds clans in fifth moon after the wolf died.

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Name: Riversong
Rank: Warrior
Clan: RiverClan
Appearance: Jet-black she-cat with blue eyes
Age: 19 moons
Kin: None (all dead)
History: Born into RiverClan, her family was killed in a greencough epidemic when she was an apprentice.
Personality: Very friendly with others; extremely social; makes friends with anyone; loves salmon.

Um I'm new here so could I have some news updates? Will be much appreciated~

I'm so sorry I really don't understand what's happening but could someone please what's going on in this community social wise? I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but I'm really confused and nervous.

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Name: Hidenkakit
Gender: she-cat
Age: 12 moons
Rank: Kit
Mate: None 
Personality: sweet, kind, caring, tough, brave and selfless
(Ill add bio later)
Clan: Thunderclan
Likes: nice cats, and good food
Dislikes: Mean cats and bad food.

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Here she is! My art :3))
Name: Coralkit, Coralpaw, Coralmist, Coralstar.
Age: 35 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: River
Rank: Leader
Mate: None (open)
Crush: None (open)
Personality: Brave, selfless, protective, and caring.
Bio: When she was born, she had unusual coral-colored markings. She used to get teased about it a little bit, but she ignored it. As an apprentice, the teasing died down. Coralpaw hoped to become leader one day, so she trained hard. She gained respect as a warrior, for Coralmist fought for her Clan bravely. Many moons after Coralmist became a warrior, RiverClan's deputy had fallen in a battle. She was surprised when she had been chosen as then new deputy. The foolish cats who had teased her when she was little now regret it, as Coralmist came back from the Moonpool one day as Coralstar, the new Leader of RiverClan.

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