MMM Nigeria Guiders meeting with Andrew Marc
Thursday, 31st August 2017

(*1*) We need to get a feedback from the programmers about backdating of Mavro release, it was approved by the Admins, now let's see when it will be done. Be rest assured that it will be done.

(*2*) We need to do our part, we need to develop our community

The reality is that if we don't find ways on how to develop the community, nothing will happen.

(*3*) This weekly maximum allows us to manage GH volume, to balance PH and GH. Its very flexible. We are able to manage PH and GH volume. Its a good move for us.

(*b*) Secondly, we need have a mechanism to make d system sustainable. PH will always exceed GH.

(*4*) We reviewed all your proposal about Promo task. We need more research on promo task. We want to make Promo task more efficient.

(*b*) We see that people do a lot of promo task. Its good for us. But we have problems with quality of the task done.

(*c*) The most efficient promo task as u said is people's testimonies. People will share their testimonial on social medias like Facebook and WhatsApp.

(*d*) We think the most efficient task is done on Facebook and WhatsApp. Pls give feedback on this. Which social media is more popular in Nigeria?

(*e*) Some guiders said telegram is more popular than WhatsApp. Some said both

(*f*) Wen u do Promo task, u will see the number of points u get for each task.

(*g*) We want to encourage people to do offline Promo task coz u get more points, though offline Promo task doesn't show your points.

(*h*) But we want to make offline promo task point be showing also. We ask that people should do offline Promo task. You should understand that promo task help us to develop. It's very important we move the community forward.

(*i*) Complain can't help us

(*j*) We want to make active members more happy.

(*k*) What should be done to get more testimonials

(*L*) We want to make the community more sustainable and for this, we need improvement and development.

(*m*) I need more information about promo task from you.

(*n*) Many members are doing promo task and its good for us.

(*5*) I keep working, I don't sit and doing nothing.
I will work until it is possible.
What we are doing isn't for profit but for the people. We look for solutions to make it better.

(*6*) Since Aug 6th, thr is no unmatched GH.
Unfinished past PH will be matched when its possible.

(*7*) We need to improve our work
We will backdate Mavro release dates.
Let's try to move forward.

Take Care

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