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This is a new short demo showing just one of many unique features of Productivity Keyboard:

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Watch the demo of our new product:
You can download the app at

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Hi all,
Wondering what we have been doing this year? We have been busy putting the last touches on a novel keyboard for Android phones. It makes typing faster and easier:

1- FlashEdit makes correcting simple typing errors as easy as dragging your finger on the keyboard.
2- NexTwo predictive text makes typing 20% faster by double-word entry (English language only).
3- Launching other apps or searching installed apps can be done directly from the keyboard.
4- TypeOne makes typing even faster by predicting the entire sentence.
5- Contacts can be searched quickly by entering the first letter of the first and last names.

The app is in beta right now. Since you have been loyal users of Drextee Messenger, we want to share it with you first:
Please let us know what you think about the app.

Hola como están, no sé como va el desarrollo de esta app, pero quería saber si pronto van a agregar poder enviar los audios por whatsapp, como en la aplicacion del teléfono...Quisiera saber más informacion!

Can someone explain the Facebook feature on Drextee? Can you view a conversation list, or see your contacts to initiate a message?


I keep getting message, android wear has stopped when I download an app for smart watch. Also when I'm out of my give wifi.


This app worked on my ASUS just fine for a bit. Then suddenly when trying to send a message, I kept getting the notification to open the app up and giveit permission. I've done so, taken away the permission then given it back, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, CANNOT get it to send messages on my LG G5. I can read all my messages, just cannot send no matter what I do. What's up with this? Until/if this gets fixed, this app is useless for me.
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