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Toxic person.

Anxiety is real. My whole life I've been surround by people who tell me "it's all in my head" or "just tell yourself it's not real and it'll go away" and my favorite is when people tell me I blame everything on anxiety. Well, yes I do say things are because on my anxiety and you know why? Because I HAVE ANXIETY not because I'm just looking for an excuse. I have true anxiety not anxiety that come only when I have a problem or in a bad situation. I have anxiety every single day, all day. I can't just pretend it doesn't exist and I or anybody else who has anxiety shouldn't be shamed for explaining and being open about their anxiety. By feeling like I have to stay quite and not be open with the people who are in my life or in general only makes my anxiety worse. Which is probably why I'm not really close to anyone anymore and which is even more why I feel more lost than I ever have. Anxiety doesn't just magically go away because people say it's all in your head. That actually makes it worse. Anxiety is real. It needs more awareness and less shaming. You never know how your words can affect someone. #anxietyawareness #stopshaming #bekind

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Just because a boy likes pink doesn't mean they're gay.
Just because a girl likes pink doesn't mean she's a prep.
Just because someone has scars doesn't mean you make fun of them.
Just because someone likes a fandom doesn't mean you hate on them.
Just because someone has autism doesn't mean they're stupid.
Just because someone cries doesn't mean they're weak.
Just because a kid has a dream for when they're older doesn't mean you bring them down.
Just because someone is in a online relationship doesn't mean they're stupid and need a life.
Just because someone is "fat" doesn't mean they're ugly, they're beautiful.
Just because an artist is still improving doesn't mean you be rude to them.
Just because someone is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight doesn't mean you judge them.
Just because someone has a different skin color doesn't mean anything, it is the person that counts.
Just because someone is emo doesn't mean they can't love, and they don't all want attention.
Just because someone is religious doesn't mean you have to be rude to them.
Just because someone is depressed doesn't mean they're posting for attention, but they need someone.
Just because somebody is going through a hard time doesn't mean you tell them to kill themselves.
Just because a girl is girly doesn't mean she's a popular jerk.
Just because someone has more followers doesn't mean they're better.

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Ikr like fucked up.
Relationships can fucking ruin friendships.
You're friends with someone
You like them and boom you're dating
But that one thing happens and then they break up. After that it's like they were never even friends to begin with.

That's one of the hard parts of life and I really dislike it.

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Why is it whenever girls complain about their appearance guys come in and say, "But guys don't really care about that" or "Guys actually find that hot" Like thanks for your input but I couldn't give less of a fuck what a guy thinks. I'm trying to look good for me.

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Im actually not addicted to the internet like my parents keep saying "YOURE OBSESSED WITH YOUR PHONE OH MU GOD THIS IS AN EXTREME KIND OF ADDICTION" like no im not obsessed with the internet im obsessed with a person on the internet and if i cant talk to that person i get depressed so yes i can give up the wifi if i wasnt in a long distance relationship
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