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Christmas is just around the corner.  It is a time of good will and looking after each other.  My wife Sue and I would like to start a regular get together with like-minded people from the town.  To set the ball rolling I would like to arrange a meeting at my house at: 95 Ramerick Gardens, Arlesey, SG15 6XG.  Tuesday evenings are best for us.  Once the group reaches maturity we can find a local meeting place like a pup or café to meet in.  So who is up for getting together?   In the mean time we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! 
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Arlesey is a vibrant town in Bedfordshire near the Hertfordshire border.  It is famous for being the longest town in the UK.  My wife Sue and our two children Chis and Jillian moved here in 2001.  It suits us perfectly  with its balance of country access and a station that connect us both direct to Kings Cross and North to Peterborough and beyond.  As I have two dogs, Poppy a 4 year old chocolate Labrador and Angus a 14 year of Westie, I meet lots of people out walking. 

My passion is people as I work in business and life coaching and nothing makes me more fulfilled that helping others to be the best they can be.  To that end the L4G Arlesey community group has been founded  to get people meeting and talking. 

Anyone wishing to be involved please contact me direct.  We are not a commercial organisation and our only purpose is to encourage local people to meet and talk and become more interdependent on each other. 

welcome +Jon Boys if you get me a picture that represents Arlesey I will put it up as an image... or you can do it... must be 250 x 250 pixels to start with...

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