i promise to start coming over here more often...been in the head-cave for a couple of years working on some stuff ;-)

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this is a compilation of sonomorphs from the last couple of months since i got back from montreal.the software is feeling really good now. ive got low end and high end and everything snakes nicely from theme to theme.  the sound mutation is becoming a bit more subtle and creates some crazy waveforms and sonic spaces in the phase scope and in headphones. 

the "mixtape" is all of the more interesting stuff i heard while listening bck to everything that was recorded. remember that all sounds are produced by single synth that uses quad-vector gestural synthesis to produce them. the percussive sounds are still seprate entities until the new version, to be released after the release of the system online and to contributors.

strange as this sounds now, i think this (beatjazz/neuro et al) is going to turn into a headphone dominant music form very soon, if not already. much of the detail cant be appreciated without them so peep the mixtape accordingly.


Onyx, what new dimensions have you explored since 2013, please post something of the now...

I sorted out the permissions errors through udev, so now I've got to sort out how to get the links consistent in pd. I've noticed that the right and left units seem to always be swapped. The xbees on the base should be mouth - left - right, correct? I know I have the correct serial numbers for each of the xbees since I tried plugging and unplugging them to figure out which ones were which. I just don't know if the symlinks are working or not in pd or if it's just going from the serial ports specified in the argument. I'll post more when I get a chance to explore those questions further.

Ok, so I think whatever I did last time may have worked, despite me not realizing it at the time. I have something called arduino in /dev/. I'm assuming that's good. :)

Now, what should I do next? Should pd be able to use that now? What should I do in pd to test this theory that everything is working now? What kind of feedback should I be able to get from pd to let me know the arduino's working?

So I've been making some headway into getting the XBees communicating, but I think I need a bit more info to get further with it. Which version of the firmware should I download? Also, other than what's printed on the chips, I'm not sure exactly which version of the XBee Pro S1 & XBee Pros that I have on the board. It seems like there are many different kinds. Also, I downloaded X-CTU and got it working in wine, but it keeps saying unable to open COM ports, despite having made the links into wine. I'm hoping that will be resolved once I get the right firmware in there.

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Me anad a bot named "Boogie", working out in the lab with the updated networking and light narration system me and boogie in the lab jan 15 2013

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