Joey posted his. My turn.

Name: Allen.
Age: ???
Weapon: dual boomerangs.
Vehicle: overscooter
Earth: wears a red shirt with a Dragon on the front. A black pair of shorts. Hair is combed back and long.
Lyoko: has to holsters on either side of self . one for each boomerang. Wears a red bandana. Has a pair of black gloves. Long black sleeves on red shirt. Blue pants that go to ankles.
Dragons breath: sends a small burst of fire in front of him that does 30 life points of damage to whatever it hits.
Dragons rage: briefly increases the power of him and his allies (I.E if he were under xanas control the monsters would be stronger. But when he's not its the Lyoko warriors)
Bio: grew up around computers but never actually knew how to use them. The only person that did that he knew was his friend drew. Who wound up transferring to a New school a few weeks later. Feeling alone. Allen went to the only place he felt like he could live anymore. Kadic. Although his dorm was always empty. He felt like he was close to something. One day he overheard the Lyoko warriors talking and followed them to the factory. He stayed until they left and accidentally triggered a delayed virtualization. An unknown force tripped him into the scanner and he was sent to Lyoko. Where he was trapped for a few days.


Name: Drew
Age: 14
Weapon: bow
Vehicle: Slightly modified overwing
Roommate: none
Earth: wears a subdigitals jacket above a white tee shirt. Hair is usually very messy though it can be taken care of sometimes.
Lyoko: has to look of. Not exactly and archer but has some aspects around him. Has a headband (similar to Ulrich) and a spot on his back to hold his bow
Bio: originally from a completely different school until a Xana attack destroyed it. He was able to go to Kadic academy and transferred there. While there he discovered the factory by accident and fell asleep In a scanner and was accidentally virtualized. Eventually Xana took control of his mind and trapped him on lyoko.
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