Weak or steong, the rich are weak and the streeted strong.

This is an alright lifestyle. No getting used to it, my bright side perspective helps= hey, try each night in bed to spend time thinking how the day could have been better, in doing better ways the next time. That s a goodie.

In 20 minutes I collected two bucks and am drinking a two liter grape soda n ate a banana.

That s typical, and ten bucks an hour. Again, not doin drugs, meth, pot, whatever, nor alcohol, It is not nearly a need to pandhandle much.

Half smoken ciggs are on the ground n droves. I like em rolled in newspaper ; )

My cock is hard all the time. Where am I supposed to masturbate? I walk entire blocks staring at female butt ahead of me.

Make a proportionately sized cross, to each side add an inverted pentegram, it is the de ils cross

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For my orionite children

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Law prohibits certain landlord’s remedies. The landlord may not lock a tenant out or remove his or her property without a court order, nor may the landlord shut off the tenant’s utilities to enforce compliance with the rental agreement. If within the past six months a tenant has complained to a government agency responsible for enforcing housing standards; organized or joined a tenants’ organization; made a fair housing complaint; prevailed in a lawsuit relating to the tenancy; testified on behalf of another tenant; or lawfully abated rent, the landlord may not retaliate by raising the rent, decreasing services or threatening to evict the tenant.

I'm indicating right here to my police monitored State that Issac (the one living here who threatened me many times with a gun, until, 3 days ago, he went as far as to swing at me and lie, saying I pulled a weapon on him) Knock my face off, shoot me. I am friends with the Poe. Issac's brother shoved me with his stomach today simply because, I don't know, I guess I approached him too quickly after answering the door. He should be thrown into prison. He's the type that needs be there, in the hole, indefinitely. 

When I come into power, I am "raping" his daughters and mother. I am slaughtering him and his brother. When I come into power. He fucked himself over and he hasn't the vaguest conception thereof. 

I revel in this day. I delight in its every imagination. I supply its every witchery. I internalize to externalize it. How did Issac's brother know my room, when I had never been introduced? He told his doggies, "go to his window." 

It is very very much freezing in here with the heat yet turned on. This man is a creep. It is very very unsafe in here, with this same man landlord beating me up.

They give me things like chilies, cookie and Loyd Raymond Capps, no telling what is in it, it is their thing to do, trying to make me homosexual. Recommended buying, hints, and sexual harassment through and through. I'm not. Given this, I'd say I'm pretty damn not going to become either. 

Fortunately the Hole increased my bright side thinking. Not a good place. But you evolve therein. But not a good place. But for some, a worse fate. 

How fortuitous. To night, I'd say, is going to be swell. 

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Yay Hurray! Gots me Colt 45 keychain! Larger than thought would be, Neat, Shiny, Visibly detailed, "Actuating" fire. Time then, to read up on it.

As with all mine, I treasure, they ARE treasures, but one lost -my pink cross hat, given to Dolly here. 


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Power of Satan Graph (Adam J. Capps)
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