My math teachers are looking for an add on for their Math glasses. They have the add on "gmath" but would like something more user friendly. Anyone have a suggestion? They teach middle school and high school math. 

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Je travaille avec Google Docs, j'ouvre un nouveau document .... je voudrai créer un dessin avec Google Drawing .... et l'insérer dans mon document Docs ....
Es-ce possible car je n'y arrive pas !! Google Drawing ne permet pas hors connexion d'insérer dans Docs ... ?

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Hi everyone.

My printer supports borderless printing. How can I use this feature in Google Docs (text editor) in printing the business letter template sample? And what document settings should I have?

The top and bottom graphics gets chopped off by default.


I am looking for a Google whiz to spare an hour to give the Head of Graphic Design at Bracknell a quick tutorial of how all the Google Docs/Drive works.


Working on a document containing text from different google docs I wondered if it is possible to integrate (parts of a) text from one doc to another. Instead of copy - past text I would rather work this way. If another owner changes his text in the original doc, it should synchronize to the general text. I apologize for the way I put this, but English is not my native language, maybe it sounds a bit odd.

I'm looking for a Google Docs template to print business cards in a format A4 containing 10 cards (5x2 size card 85-54mm). Thanks for any help or clue.

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Cross posting... 
I've got a file in Docs which I've published to the web, and embedded in a site. It has to be in Docs as the main author does not want to use sties proper, so I've embedded his file in my site.

Links, however, open in the iframe in my site. How can I make the file open in either the full window, or even better, in a new tab.


Can I start page numbers on page 3 of my document? Page 3 would be numbered as page 1- (So title page and table of contents are not numbered)

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I am starting the academic writing process and have decided to use Google Docs. Looking for recommendations for citations apps (leaning towards RefWorks at the moment) and open to suggestions on mind mapping. Any and all tips on information management welcome. Thanks all
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