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Launching a sister group on FB with a new slant. Come join here


"Welcome to the internet's first POLITICALLY INCORRECT shorthand group. This group is created as A SAFE PLACE FOR THE TRUE HOBBYIST.

No "please be teachings mes the shrothans Sir iam singles mom with 54 childrens'. There are other places where you can have your grandma's recently discovered sex diaries translated for you too.

But if you love shorthand purely for the sheer pleasure that it brings as a hobby, weather it be how ingeniously systems can be constructed, the rush you get when writing at the speed of thought, or keeping your own diaries, business notes or bullet journal in something that looks like it's right out of a Sci-Fi flick, then you ARE a true hobbyist, and this group was created for YOU!

Teeline, Gregg, Pitman, Forkner, Speedwriting, Steno machines, Gabbelphelshabbeerduployeeclectic, whatever tickles your fancy, all are welcome."

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So I was looking up a video on how modern steno machines work and stumbled upon this 'court reporter' sketch by the glorious Carol Burnett. Have fun!

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If you are looking to learn machine shorthand, this would have to be the best resource on the internet. You can learn for free. You can use an ordinary keyboard, albeit with some limitations. You can even find special key-toppers like in the picture below to replace keys on a normal keyboard and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that a real machine would cost. Check it out.

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Seeing Combs Reporting post recently (and I don't mind, it being basically an ad, they are professionals, you gotta appreciate them), I thought I'd share that if you are interested in STENOTYPE (machine shorthand), you can download a virtual steno machine to your Android tablet as an alternative keyboard.

You will not feel any physical keys under your fingers, so you probably will not achieve quite the astronomical speeds possible with the machine method, but you can surely discover how stenotype works, if that's what rocks you boat. Or tickles your fancy. Or even fancily tickles your rocking boat.

Below is a link to one such keyboard, and if you have Apple, do a search for 'stenotype' in your store, I'm sure there should be something similar.

As for theory, search for 'stenotype' in or the Open Library. Them got free books! Here's one:

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Court stenographers have been an integral part of the courtroom for over two centuries. A court stenographer (also called a court reporter or shorthand reporter) transcribes spoken or recorded speech into official written transcripts. To do this effectively, these reporters use shorthand and a machine called a stenotype. 

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My mother just passed away. Found this journal, can someone please translate this for me. 

My family recently discovered some journals of my grandmother who just passed away on Monday. They are short entries but some of them have shorthand at the end - which fascinates me, by the way! I was wondering how I can go about getting them translated as I know that everyone has their own special quirks and ways to write shorthand. I have no idea what they could say because my Grama was a very quiet and mysterious woman who held WAY too much inside! Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!

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Really neat list of vowel combos for Teeline!

Hello friends! I am new here, and starting to learn Gregg. I'm also trained as a linguist. I'm really impressed with how the system lines up pretty soundly with linguistic principles. Does anyone know if Gregg was a linguist, or if there has been anything written on those connections? I found a few articles mentioning this, but nothing with academic sources.

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