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Court stenographers have been an integral part of the courtroom for over two centuries. A court stenographer (also called a court reporter or shorthand reporter) transcribes spoken or recorded speech into official written transcripts. To do this effectively, these reporters use shorthand and a machine called a stenotype. 

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My mother just passed away. Found this journal, can someone please translate this for me. 

My family recently discovered some journals of my grandmother who just passed away on Monday. They are short entries but some of them have shorthand at the end - which fascinates me, by the way! I was wondering how I can go about getting them translated as I know that everyone has their own special quirks and ways to write shorthand. I have no idea what they could say because my Grama was a very quiet and mysterious woman who held WAY too much inside! Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello friends! I am new here, and starting to learn Gregg. I'm also trained as a linguist. I'm really impressed with how the system lines up pretty soundly with linguistic principles. Does anyone know if Gregg was a linguist, or if there has been anything written on those connections? I found a few articles mentioning this, but nothing with academic sources.

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Just uploaded some hours ago.

Hi! So I'm debating between learning gregg and teeline for taking notes in class and maybe Journaling. I've read all that I can about them both but I still can't come to a solid decision. Could any of you tell me which would be better for me please? Thank you in advance. 😊

I learnt Pitman New Era many years ago. I used it throughout my career but have not used it much for the past 15 years. I am in the process of re-establishing myself as a #VA  (Virtual Assistant). I had not really considered dusting off my shorthand but it has been suggested that this is a dying art and might set me apart from some so I am reaching out to connect with any other #VAs  out there who might offer shorthand transcription.

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Hi! Have you tried JAKE Auto-text Expanding Shorthand? Extremely intuitive! I LOVE it!
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